Tears of the Two Moons is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Located in Temple of the Mourning Springs, it requires the Vestige to stop the undead that have arisen from Mourning Springs, as a result of Ealcil taking the Mourning Stone.


A powerful mage named Rurelion went missing in the Temple of the Mourning Springs. I agreed to help his apprentice Gathwen search the temple for signs of her master.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to the Skeleton
  2. Disrupt the Temple Wards
  3. Disrupt the barrier
  4. Talk to Gathwen
  5. Talk to Uldor
  6. Disrupt the Summoning Ritual
  7. Confront Uldor
  8. Disable the Traps
  9. Talk to Rurelion
  10. Talk to Gathwen


  1. Let Uldor claim Gathwen
  2. OR Let Uldor claim Rurelion
  • Seal Uldor's tomb
    • Hint: Place the Tears of the Two Moons on Pedestals.


The Vestige must make their way through the outside of the temple. They have to disrupt the wards protecting the entrance, which include the Spider Ward and the Scorpion ward. After doing this, they enter the temple.

Next, there is a puzzle. In order to get through, you must activate the farthest one to the left, then the second farthest one to the right. Next, activate the farthest to the right, and finally the second farthest to the left. This will open the barrier.

The Vestige learn that Uldor, a Maormer Wizard, had been permanently imprisoned in the temple, and taking the Mourning Stone released him from his prison. He is able to control multiple people at a time, and it is up to the Vestige to stop him. They must stop the summoning ritual, and fight off numerous undead. Rurelion begins to fight off Uldor's control, and they rush off.

After the ritual has been interrupted, the Vestige heads into the Great Hall where there are multiple traps. They must disable the traps so Gathwen can get through.

This quest requires one to make a choice: Both Rurelion and Gathwen will offer to sacrifice themselves in order to stop Uldor, and save Eagle's Strand. Whoever is chosen will face Uldor, while the other collects the Mourning Stone. The Vestige must place the Mourning Stones on the pedestals to stop Uldor. Whoever is left will swear to free the other, eventually.


After defeating Uldor, a number of ghosts can be interacted with:

  • Wunalz "Do you hear the call of Sithis? It was drowned out by the wailing spirits, but now they're at rest."
  • Jakidi
  • Heragaeth "Don't mind Ilring. We're together again, and it's all thanks to you."
  • Ilring "I've been waiting forever to spend time with my darling. A little privacy?"
  • Hisal
  • Angolin
  • Curvanen
  • Yaremanwe
  • Reldsii
  • Selman
  • Drayna
  • Meema-Na
  • Khafnir "Hey, you saved us from Uldor! My brother and I didn't want to fight you earlier, but that wizard controlled our bodies. Or what's left of them! Ha!

Come, dance with me in the fountain!"

  • Monya "The water flows once more! Our souls are no longer bound by Uldor's magic."
  • Kithald
  • Ogmir
  • Belknar "My most trusted Thane"
  • Hrorleid "my daughter. First over the rails in 30 raids"
  • Skavwulf the Maul
  • Lugnikh, who is convinced that you have died, as "everyone else looks different to you"


If choose to save Rurelion or Gathwen:


Journal Entry
  • Objective: Enter the Temple Courtyard
  • Objective: Talk to the Skeleton
  • Objective: Scorpion Ward
  • Objective: Disrupt the Temple Wards
  • Objective: Spider Ward
  • Objective: Catacombs Door
  • Objective: Disrupt the Barrier
  • Objective: Talk to Gathwen
  • Objective: Central Ruins Door
  • Objective: Find Rurelion
  • Objective: Bone Pile
  • Objective: Disrupt Uldor's Summoning Ritual
  • Objective: Confront Uldor
  • Objective: Great Hall Door
  • Objective: Disable the Traps
  • Objective: Talk to Rurelion
  • Objective: Let Uldor Claim Rurelion
  • Objective: Tomb of the Waning Moons Door
  • Objective: New Moons Pedestal
  • Objective: Crescent Moons Pedestal
  • Objective: Gibbous Moons Pedestal
  • Objective: Full Moons Pedestal
  • Objective: Seal Uldor's Tomb
  • Objective: Talk to Gathwen at the Central Ruins
  • Objective: Enter the Temple Catacombs
  • Objective: Let Uldor Claim Gathwen
  • Objective: Talk to Rurelion at the Central Ruins
  • Quest complete