Tears of the Two Moons is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Located in the Temple of the Mourning Springs, it requires the Vestige to stop the undead that have arisen from Mourning Springs, as a result of Ealcil taking the Mourning Stone. Since then, Rurelion—a powerful Dominion mage—has gone missing inside the temple, and his apprentice, Gathwen, is looking for someone to help her find him.


A powerful mage named Rurelion went missing in the Temple of the Mourning Springs. I agreed to help his apprentice Gathwen search the temple for signs of her master.

After an expedition into the temple to acquire the Mourning Stone, Ealcil, Gathwen, and Rurelion are descended upon by undead. The former two escape, but Rurelion is unable to make it past the skeletons in time, left trapped inside. Razum-dar hears talk about the incident from Ealcil, and sends the Vestige to investigate during "Storm on the Horizon."

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Enter the Temple Courtyard
  2. Talk to the Skeleton
  3. Disrupt the Temple Wards
  4. Enter the Temple Catacombs
  5. Disrupt the Barrier
  6. Talk to Gathwen
  7. Find Rurelion
  8. Disrupt Uldor's Summoning Ritual
  9. Confront Uldor
  10. Disable the Traps
  11. Talk to Rurelion
  12. Talk to Gathwen
  13. Let Uldor Claim Rurelion or Let Uldor Claim Gathwen
  14. Seal Uldor's Tomb
    1. Hint: Once Uldor attempts to claim Rurelion/Gathwen as a puppet, I need to place the Tears of the Two Moons in pedestals around the tomb. Placing all four will seal them both in the tomb.
    2. Hint: I need to place the Tears of the Two Moons in pedestals around the tomb. Doing so will seal Uldor away forever.
  15. Talk to Rurelion/Gathwen
  16. Talk to Gathwen/Rurelion in the Great Hall

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Gathwen approaches the Vestige from outside the temple. She pleads for he or she needs to help her rescue her master, Rurelion, who was left in the temple when they had to run away from the undead. The quest begins when the Vestige agrees.

Temple EnteranceEdit

The two make their way to the entrance, where a skeleton tells them to leave. It will also reveal that Rurelion is inside the temple under its control before disappearing. Gathwen notes that the temple doorway is sealed by wards, and that they must be taken down in order to unseal them.

Temple CourtyardEdit

The temple courtyard is guarded by numerous skeletons, including warriors, archers, and cryomancers. They respawn quite fast, and are a random variation each time—meaning that if extra experience is desired, one must be ready to combat any of the types when a new skeleton appears.

The two wards can be found at opposite ends of the courtyard, marked with either a spider or a scorpion. The Vestige walks up the stairs to each to get Gathwen to take them down, although a more powerful undead—a Revenant—will be there to defend each.

Once both wards are deactivated, the Vestige and Gathwen enter the catacombs.

Temple CatecombsEdit

Inside the catacombs lies another sealed door, which can only be accessed after a puzzle is completed. Gathwen will hint that it relates to the cycle of the two moons, which are shown on four pillars to the left and right of the barrier.

To solve the puzzle, first, activate the farthest one to the left, which shows two new moons with the larger one, Masser, on top. Next, hit the second farthest to the right, which shows the same setup but with two crescents; then, the farthest right, which is two full moons; and finally, the second farthest to the left, which is two crescents, but with the smaller moon—Secunda—on top. This will open the barrier, allowing for the pair to continue to the next room. Gathwen will advise caution before leaving with the Vestige.

Ritual RoomEdit

"Then drown in bones!"

Rurelion can be seen in the center of the room, looking alive and well. Approaching him, however, will reveal that he is Uldor, a powerful Maormer Wizard, who had been permanently imprisoned in the temple. When the Mourning Stone was removed, he was released from his prison, which caused the onslaught of undead on the expedition party. He will also boast that he is able to control multiple corpses and people at a time, and plans to attack Eagle's Strand to become even more powerful.

When the Vestige tells Uldor to stand down, he begins the ritual, summoning numerous skeletons. The undead in this room, however, are far less powerful than the ones in the Courtyard. Gathwen and the Vestige dispel the four bone piles around him, angering Uldor, and stopping the ritual. Suddenly, Rurelion begins to fight off Uldor's control, and runs off as the mental war rages. Gathwen will be exhausted from the battle, and stays back for a bit to recuperate.

Great HallEdit

The Great Hall will contain four Giant Bats, who will attack the Vestige when he or she gets close enough. In addition, the hall is also littered with spike traps, which must be walked or jumped over at the right time in order to avoid losing health.

At the end of the hall, Rurelion can be found, back in control of his body. He will tell the Vestige to deactivate the traps so that Gathwen can enter the room easier.


Rurelion will explain that Uldor is only restrained for the moment, and must be imprisoned once again. He will tell the Vestige to place the Tears of the Two Moons on four pedestals in the tomb while he submits himself to Uldor's control as a distraction, while his apprentice retrieves the Mourning Stone to trap Uldor and himself away forever. Gathwen will express that Rurelion is too important to lose, and volunteers to sacrifice herself in order to keep Uldor locked away.

The Vestige must decide whether to use Rurelion or Gathwen to distract Uldor. Whoever is chosen will be trapped, while the other will remain on the outside.

Uldor's TombEdit

Whoever is chosen to be claimed by Uldor will approach from the front, offering him or herself without a fight as a distraction. While Uldor takes control, the Vestige must place the four Tears of the Two Moons on the pedestals surrounding the room, while Uldor sends bolts of lightning at him or her. Once the stones have been placed, Rurelion or Gathwen will possess his or her body again for a short time, stating that his or her death is a noble one. The Vestige says a final goodbye before leaving.

The character sent to retrieve the Mourning Stone will be in the Great Hall again, stating that he or she would have rather been sacrificed, but knows that Uldor needed to be stopped. After stating that he or she will try to free his or her friend, Rurelion or Gathwen will give the Vestige a leveled around of gold, as well as the Mourning Bow as a final reward.


After defeating Uldor, a number of ghosts can be interacted with:

  • Wunalz
  • Jakidi
  • Heragaeth "Don't mind Ilring. We're together again, and it's all thanks to you."
  • Ilring "I've been waiting forever to spend time with my darling. A little privacy?"
  • Hisal
  • Angolin
  • Curvanen
  • Yaremanwe
  • Reldsii
  • Selman
  • Drayna
  • Meema-Na
  • Khafnir "Hey, you saved us from Uldor! My brother and I didn't want to fight you earlier, but that wizard controlled our bodies. Or what's left of them! Ha! Come, dance with me in the fountain!"
  • Monya "The water flows once more! Our souls are no longer bound by Uldor's magic."
  • Kithald
  • Ogmir
  • Belknar
  • Hrorleid
  • Skavwulf the Maul
    • "Hrorleid, my daughter. First over the rails in 30 raids"
    • "Belknar, my most trusted Thane"
    • "Ogmir, the fiercest of my warriors.""I've fought beside each of you. I know you're worthy of Sovngarde. It won't be long before we feast together in the hall of valor!"
  • Lugnikh


Regardless of who is chosen to be sacrificed, the rewards are the same:

  • Mourning Bow
  • 146–604 GoldIcon


  • Although Tears of the Two Moons is a side quest, it must be completed in order to advance through the Aldmeri Dominion questline.
  • After completion of the quest, the enemy undead will disappear, and will be replaced by spectral characters, who have been freed from Uldor's control.
  • While disrupting Uldor's ritual, other players may attack the skeletons that spawn, making the fight quite easy.
  • There are several Frogs inside the ritual room.
  • The Giant Bats in the Great Hall spawn nearly every two minutes, and give more experience than the other enemies in the temple, making them an easy way to increase character levels.
  • A route to the back of the temple goes near Hazak's Hollow, and passes several Crosstree Bandits. Numerous Harpies will also reside in the back of the temple, as well as a locked chest, although all of this is not required to complete the quest.
  • The person who is not chosen to be claimed by Uldor will help the Vestige during, "The Tempest Unleashed."


Journal Entry
We should enter the temple courtyard and see what we can find of Rurelion.
  • Objective: Enter the Temple Courtyard
A skeleton spoke to us as we approached the temple courtyard.
  • Objective: Talk to the Skeleton
The skeleton warned us away, claiming Rurelion is being held inside the temple. Gathwen told me magical wards block the temple entrance. I should look for spider and scorpion emblems marking the wards so she can disrupt them.
  • Objective: Disrupt the Temple Wards
Gathwen destroyed the wards blocking entrance to the temple. We need to enter the temple's catacombs to search for her master.
  • Objective: Enter the Temple Catacombs
A strange barrier seals the door leading further into the temple. Gathwen things the cycle of both moons is key to breaking the seal.
  • Objective: Disrupt the Barrier
I broke the barrier leading further into the temple, but Gathwen wants to speak with me before we proceed.
  • Objective: Talk to Gathwen
Gathwen fears her master is in grave danger. She urges caution as we proceed to the temple's central ruins.
  • Objective: Find Rurelion
Rurelion appears to be possessed by a spirit named Uldor, who plans to raise an undead army. Harming Uldor would harm Rurelion. To avoid this, Gathwen and I must stop Uldor's summoning ritual.
  • Objective: Disrupt Uldor's Summoning Ritual
We stopped the summoning ritual, but Uldor fled with Rurelion's body. I should chase him while Gathwen recovers from her exertions.
  • Objective: Confront Uldor
I followed Rurelion into the temple's great hall, which is lined with deadly traps. I should find a way to disable the traps.
  • Objective: Disable the Traps
Rurelion forced Uldor out of his body and into a nearby tomb, but the solution seemed temporary. I should speak with Rurelion about making it permanent.
  • Objective: Talk to Rurelion
The water crystal once residing in the temple - the "Mourning Stone" - is key to sealing Uldor back in his tomb. Rurelion thinks the only solution is to seal himself in the tomb, but Gathwen disagrees. I should ask her for her alternative.
  • Objective: Talk to Gathwen
Gathwen volunteered to seal herself in the tomb with Uldor in place of her master. With little time before the spirit frees itself, I must decide who will be locked away with Uldor forever.
  • Objective: Let Uldor Claim Rurelion or Let Uldor Claim Gathwen
I decided to bring Rurelion/Gathwen with me to Uldor's tomb. While the spirit is distracted, I will seal them both away forever.
  • Objective: Seal Uldor's Tomb
I placed the Tears of the Two Moons in their pedestals, sealing Uldor in his tomb. I shall say goodbye to Rurelion/Gathwen before I depart.
  • Objective: Talk to Rurelion/Gathwen
Uldor and Rurelion/Gathwen are now sealed in the Tomb of the Waning Moons. I should speak to Gathwen/Rurelion before I depart.
  • Objective: Talk to Gathwen/Rurelion in the Great Hall
  • Quest complete