Teegla is an Argonian Slave who resides in The Lizard's Head within the Telvanni Canton.

No slave key specifically exists to free Teegla, but the slave may still be freed by alternate means. One if the most direct methods is to use a Command Humanoid spell (often, repeatedly) to have the slave follow the Nerevarine to a desired location from which its slave key has already been obtained. For Teegla, the closest location is the Telvanni Canalworks. As long as the Telvanni Canalworks Slave Key, which can be obtained from Eldrar Fathyron, is in the Nerevarine's inventory, Teegla (or typically any slave for which no key exists) may be freed as soon as they arrive at the location. This strategy may be applied to other areas, by bringing such slaves to nearby locations from which slave keys have already been obtained, and retained in the inventory.


  • Although Teegla references having bracers locked on him, no bracers exist for this slave. Nevertheless, the game treats him as if he does, and will function as though bracers were removed if the slave is freed.