"If perhaps you can clear a small matter involving Earana, you can prove your loyalty to the guild and earn my recommendation"

Teekeeus is an Argonian Wizard and the Head of the Chorrol Mages Guild.

Teekeeus and Earana have a long-standing feud that goes back to their days as apprentices at the Arcane University. Teekeeus also starts the Chorrol Mages Guild Recommendation quest.


When the Hero approaches Teekeeus for a recommendation he asks for a little favour before he will send it to the Arcane University. This favour is to find out more about Earana, his long-standing rival and discover why she spends her time walking around the Mages Guild every day. Talking to her reveals that she is looking for the book Fingers of the Mountain on Cloud Top and asks the Hero to retrieve it for her. Speaking to Teekeeus reveals the location of Cloud Top on the map. After retrieving the book and giving it to Teekeeus, he will fill out the recommendation for the Hero to help them gain access to the Arcane University. Alternatively, giving the book to Earana results in her studying the book for one day. Once the Hero returns after 24 hours, she gives them a piece of parchment containing the translation of the book. Following her instructions then completes Fingers of the Mountain, Part I, which is part of the overall quest "Chorrol Recommendation."