Teinaava is an Argonian and a senior member of the Dark Brotherhood's Cheydinhal Sanctuary. He and his twin sister, Ocheeva, are both Shadowscales, Argonians with The Shadow birthsign that are sent to the Dark Brotherhood to become assassins.

Both hold a grudge against Scar-Tail, who they, as well as the Royal Court of Argonia, want dead for being a traitor.

Early lifeEdit

Teinaava was born during the reign of Emperor Uriel Septim VII in the Imperial Province of Black Marsh, also known as Argonia. He and his twin sister, Ocheeva, were born with the Shadow as a birthsign and subsequently were enrolled in the ranks of the Shadowscale. He and his sister adapted quickly to the ways of the assassin.

They served the Royal Court of Argonia with honor and dignity and always completed their missions. During their time in Argonia, they befriended a fellow Shadowscale, Scar-Tail. Once they came of a certain age, they were transferred to the Dark Brotherhood.

Life within the BrotherhoodEdit

In the Brotherhood, Teinaava advanced quickly through the ranks, though not as quick as his sister, Ocheeva, until he reached the rank of Assassin. About the time he reached Assassin, a new family member was brought to the Sanctuary, and was quick to befriend the new assassin.

As time went by, he completed more missions, one involving killing a man and his escort of six Imperial Legion soldiers. As the Hero progressed, Teinaava gave them the task of killing the traitor, Scar-Tail, and for the Hero to bring him Scar-Tail's heart. Teinaava and all the other members of the Sanctuary were sent to the void of Sithis by the Hero during "The Purification."

Personality and traitsEdit

Teinaava was quite young when he was murdered during "The Purification." He had orange eyes like most Argonians and green and red scales. He was warm, friendly, and always helpful to his fellow family members. He was fully devoted to the Dark Brotherhood and Lucien Lachance, who was like a father to him.


Like other members in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, he will give the Hero advice or ridicule them when asked about the current contract, depending on his disposition.

The Renegade ShadowscaleEdit

Teinaava will ask for the Hero's assistance to fulfill another duty outside of the Dark Brotherhood's affairs, to help him get rid of traitor Shadowscale, Scar-Tail.

The PurificationEdit

Teinaava is one of the members of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary who must be killed during this quest.


Teinaava was killed by the Hero alongside the rest of the members of the Cheydinhal Sanctuary during "The Purification." It was believed that one of its members had become a risk but it was unclear who. However, the traitor was not killed and somehow was overlooked as one of the possible risks.


Lucien: "Ocheeva and I have known Lucien since we were hatchlings. He is the one who trained us in the way of the Shadowscale, and is like a father to us."

Night Mother: "The Night Mother is the Dark Brotherhood's Unholy Matron. She guides our actions, just as the Dread Father Sithis once guided her."

Sanctuary: "I've heard the Count of Cheydinhal knows about this Sanctuary. But he is offered much gold, as well as other...incentives to keep his mouth shut."

Shadowscales: "In the Argonian homeland of Black Marsh, those born under the sign of the Shadow are taken at birth and presented to the Dark Brotherhood. A Shadowscale hatchling is trained in the arts of stealth and assassination, and lives a life in service to the mighty kingdom of Argonia. Any Shadowscale who lives to come of age is accepted into the Dark Brotherhood as a full member of the Family. So it was with myself, and Ocheeva."

Sithis: "Who is Sithis, you ask? Some call him the Dread Father. It was his terrible love that gave birth to the Dark Brotherhood, so very long ago."