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"The master wizards of House Telvanni traditionally grow their homes from fungal spores, using secret methods known only to themselves."
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Tel Mithryn is a supposedly small Telvanni tower located at the southeast end of Solstheim. It serves as the home and laboratory of Telvanni wizard, Master Neloth.

The main tower and surrounding buildings were grown by Neloth with massive mushroom cuttings he brought from Morrowind some time before the eruption of Red Mountain. Although he grew the tower using Telvanni sorcery, his mycologist, Elynea Mothren, continues to nurture it.[1]


Following the Levitation Act of 3E 421, levitation magic became outlawed throughout the Empire.[2][3] Because all Telvanni towers used levitation magic to scale their heights, a different approach was required for Tel Mithryn. Neloth dealt with this problem by creating a magical device at the base of the tower stem. A small circular pad embedded with glowing runes acts as an elevator, channeling arcane energy from the runed plateau vertically through the hollowed out mushroom stem to a pronged focal point near the top of the tower, which is connected to the roof. This allows anyone to travel from the ground floor to the top of the tower in a mere matter of seconds. 

Neloth and Talvas 1

Inside Tel Mithryn

The main floor of the tower is littered with arcane items, including various magical artifacts, potions, alchemical ingredientsspell tomes and other books about magic (all of which belong to Neloth, so taking them is stealing). There are also tables covered with various Dwemer artifacts and tomes about the Dwemer. Three smaller additional rooms are on the north, east, and south sides of the main room. These include a bedroom, a creature testing lab containing two caged Spriggans (regular and burnt), and an enchanting room, which also includes a Staff Enchanter.

The lab with the two caged Spriggans only appears after completing the quest "Healing a House." The enchanting room is locked and can only be accessed after completing the quest "Reluctant Steward."


Notable itemsEdit


Main QuestEdit

Side questsEdit

Miscellaneous questsEdit


  • The room that houses the Staff Enchanter may re-lock itself after re-entering Tel Mithryn.



  1. Dialogue with Elynea Mothren
  2. Overheard conversation in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: "He's getting older, but he can still teach a bit about Alteration. He's been teaching it since before the Levitation Act of 421."
  3. Overheard conversation in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: "He still teaches, though he lost his passion for it after the Levitation Act was passed. Can't say I blame him."

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