Tel Var Stones are a currency used in The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial City. They can be used as currency for legendary items.[1]


Tel Var Stones can be acquired through multiple means:

  • Killing creatures in the Imperial City
  • Defeating other players who have Tel Var stones while in the Imperial City
  • Opening chests in the Imperial City
  • Receiving trove boxes from quests
  • Killing Trove Scamps and opening their trove boxes
  • Trading with other players


Having a certain amount of stones will cause the stone multiplier to go up. With a multiplier, stones obtained from killing creatures will be multiplied. The more stones you have, the higher the multiplier. However, with more stones in the inventory, there is more risk of losing them when being killed by a creature, and especially an enemy player.

Stones Multiplier
0 1x
100 2x
1,000 3x
10,000 4x