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The Tel Vos Dungeon is a location in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


It is part of the Telvanni stronghold of Tel Vos. It is mainly a cave, streams of lava can be found within. The dungeon can be accessed through the main section of Tel Vos or through a hut southwest of the castle.


Notable itemsEdit



  • Limeware Bowl and six Dwemer Coins at the back of the tunnel with lava pools, at the end of the north passageway.
  • Limeware Flask, Ornate Dwemer Pitcher, and Ornate Dwemer Goblet up in the little cave in the corner of the stone chamber section of the southern passageway. It is left (east) of the glowing crystal; you can see another crystal up in the cave (reached only by strong acrobatics or levitation).



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