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Most Honorable Ocheeva,

As per your instructions, I will, from this day forward, leave the solitude of the Sanctuary and maintain the following posts:

Loredas and Sundas—I will travel to, and remain in, the city of Leyawiin. There I will spy any and all vessels entering into the Imperial Province by sea. Upon my return to the Sanctuary, I will report on which ships have sailed the Niben northward to the Imperial City.

Tirdas—I am to spend my day here in Cheydinhal, in the establishment known as the Cheydinhal Bridge Inn. There I will spy the citizens of this city, and report back on anyone I deem a threat to Sanctuary security.

Turdas—I will remain in Cheydinhal, but keep a watchful eye on the Sanctuary entrance. At the first sign of suspicious activity, I am to report back to you immediately.

My thanks again to you, Ocheeva. Your reliance on my gift for subterfuge will serve the Brotherhood well. Of this I promise.

May we walk always in the Shadow of Sithis.