"Are you insane? Can't you see the town is under attack?"

Teldur is the Altmer assistant to Canonreeve Valano, and resides in the town of Silsailen, on the island of Auridon.


Teldur has been the trusted assistant to Canonreeve Valano and his family for many years. The Vestige is sent to meet him by the well in the middle of Silsailen by Elenwen, the daughter of Valano. He directs the Vestige in saving the residents of Silsailen, and wiping out the Veiled Heritance members disguised as members of the First Auridon Marines.

He later uncovers Canonreeve Valano's involvement with the Veiled Heritance, and his involvement in the attack on Silsailen. When he confronts Valano about it, he attempts to escape, but was caught by Teldur. He forces Valano at knifepoint to the canonreeve mansion, which is a mystery to the other townspeople. Unfortunately, more members of the Veil were waiting for Teldur and jumped him, critically wounding him and then leaving him to die.

He manages to live long enough to inform the Vestige about the treasonous actions of Valano, before dying from his wounds.


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