Teldur's End is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Teldur has betrayed Silsailen. Elenwen fears for her father's life as she left him at the manor. However, when the Vestige finds Teldur he says Canonreeve Valano is the real traitor. Valano is a member of the Veiled Heritance, and Teldur found out.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Find a way into Valano Manor
    1. Hints: Get a key from a guard
    2. Hints: Find the Hidden Entrance
    3. Hints: Enter the Manor With the Guard's Key
  2. Find the Hidden Entrance
  3. Find Teldur
  4. Stop Valano
  5. Speak to Elenwen


To start the quest, the Vestige should speak to Elenwen near Valano Manor, Northern Silsailen. They must find a way inside the Manor. Elenwen informs them that front gate is heavily guarded, so best bet would be an old smuggling tunnel that leads to the beach.

After finding their way into the Manor, the Vestige must find Teldur. He will be on the other side of the manor, directly opposite to the main entrance. He will tell that Cannonreeve betrayed them, dying shortly after. Cannonreeve Velano has to be stopped. He will be just up the stairs inside the manor.

After killing him, the Vestige should report back to Elenwen. After telling her that Teldur isn't the traitor as she initially thought, but the Cannonreeve, her father, she was in disbelief.