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"I have my suspicions, but I hate to speculate."
―Telenger the Artificer[src]

Telenger the Artificer is an Altmer artificer based in the Summerset Isles.


An Act of KindnessEdit

The Mallari-MoraEdit

The Arbordawn CultEdit

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

The Library of DuskEdit

Known LocationsEdit


(In Ezduiin)

  • "Ah, at last. You must be here with my supplies. Just put the ink and delicate items in the tent here. You can begin unloading the bulk goods with my assistants.
  • A curious question. But if you insist... I am Telenger the Artificer: renowned genius, author and explorer."
  • "Quite attentive, yes. The Mallari-Mora is an ancient relic, a talisman. Its power took the lives of everyone here. Cursed their immortal souls."
  • "Ezduiin is my latest endeavor. I will bring further glory and honor to the Mages Guild!"
  • (On "Andewen"): "She used to be one of my prized students. Very accomplished.

She's now a high ranking member of the Mages Guild; the Master of Incunabla. She overseas the Arcanaeum in Skywatch."

  • (After Quest completion): "Remarkable. I'm not easily impressed, but you've done it. And Uricantar disappoints, to the bitter end. Such a waste."
  • "All that remains is to tend to the wounded. And continue to research. With the Mora in-hand and Uricantar dead, Ezduiin will soon be at peace. I'll see to it."


Telenger has authored a number of books. These include:


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