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Telrav is an Imperial found on the road to Ivarstead, northwest of Sarethi Farm.


Telrav's RequestEdit

Telrav is a bandit impersonating a wounded merchant who has been the victim of a robbery. While traveling, his cart was ransacked and looted by nearby bandits. He convinces the Dragonborn to help him regain his cart, luring him or her into an ambush by the other bandits, which he joins in combat.


As Telrav wears no armor, he remains vulnerable to melee attacks. His consorts are leveled, making them more difficult.


  • It is possible to get ambushed at Nilheim, without ever even talking to Telrav.
  • If the guards posted at the camp are killed before talking to Telrav, he will respond, "My men! You'll pay for this!" and will become hostile. This response gives no hints that there was an ambush set, making it seem to the Dragonborn as if there was no trap at all.
  • Telrav is varlet backwards, which means a knave or a rascal.
  • If the guards at Nilheim are killed, Telrav may send hired thugs after the Dragonborn.



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