Telrav's Request is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Serving as an optional side quest, "Telrav's Request" initiates upon traveling to Nilheim.


A bandit named Telrav feigns being the victim of a robbery, leading passersby into an ambush by other, leveled bandits. Spoils include various leveled GoldIcon and loot from the corpses of those slain.


While traveling the road outside Nilheim, the Dragonborn may come across an Imperial bandit archer named Telrav, who sits near a cart that has been destroyed on the road. Nilheim is located east of Ivarstead and northwest of Sarethi Farm.


  • Escort Telrav to his camp.
  • Wait for Telrav to return with your reward.
  • Kill Telrav


Quick walkthroughEdit

  • While traveling outside of Nilheim, the Dragonborn may come across Telrav, a merchant who appears injured, and whose cart has been ransacked.
  • He tells the Dragonborn that he was attacked by a group of bandits and would like to be escorted back to his camp, which is just up the road.
  • Upon reaching the camp, he tells the Dragonborn to wait for him while he returns with a gift for the Dragonborn's services. While waiting, he briefly instructs his comrades to attack.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

While on the roads near Nilheim, Telrav, an "injured" merchant is encountered, pleading for help. He claims that bandits attacked and looted his cart. He asks the Dragonborn to reap revenge and recover the cart.

Choosing to help Telrav prompts him to walk exuberantly, as if he were never injured, towards Nilheim. Before entering Nilheim, he remarks, "We're close now. I can see the camp. It's just across the bridge and up that hill."

Upon reaching Nilheim, however, bandits emerge from hiding and become hostile. Telrav also becomes hostile, joining the bandit group. The bandits are leveled, but Telrav wears no armor, leaving him susceptible to melee attacks.

After Telrav and all of the bandits have been dealt with, the bodies and containers in the fort should be looted. Telrav occasionally has several hundred septims on his corpse.


Telrav's Request – dunNilheimQST
IDJournal Entry
10I've found an injured merchant and agreed to escort him back to his camp.
  • Objective 10: Escort Telrav to his camp.
20Retrieve your reward from Telrav.
30Telrav has doublecrossed me and he will pay.
  • Objective 30: Kill Telrav
100Telrav and his men are dead.
  • Quest complete
150I have killed Telrav and can no longer lead him to his camp.
  • Quest failed


  • If all of Telrav's men are killed before he arrives at his camp, he yells out "M-My men!? What have you done to my men!?". Alone, he then attacks.
  • If searching the cliffs adjacent to the tower, numerous, fresh corpses can be found, suggesting that Telrav and his associates' ploy has resulted in the deaths of many before the Dragonborn's involvement.


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  • If Telrav is killed while escorting him to Nilheim camp, the quest stays on the objective: "Escort Telrav to his camp".
    • This can be fixed by resurrecting Telrav with the console, and then using the command "ResetQuest dunNilheimQST".
  • If the player bypasses Telrav and heads on to Nilhelm, the bandits are labeled as guards and will not attack the player. If you then return to Telrav to initiate the quest, he will walk up to the camp, tell you to wait for your reward, and when the guards do not attack, he will walk back to where he started and sit back down. He will not give any reward and no further dialogue options are available. If you go ahead and attack him, it counts as an assault but not murder.
  • Dragon attacks near Nilheim may involve Telrav and his 'Guards'. If Telrav and his cohorts are spoken to before returning to their respective locations, it is possible to have both the "Escort..." and "Kill..." quest stages simultaneously. The guards return to their camp and then attack as bandits while Telrav returns to his roadside location and remains unresponsive, rendering the "Escort..." quest uncompleteable and forcing the player to attack in order to complete the "Kill..." quest.
  • Not all Journal Entries may appear in the player's journal; which entries appear and which entries do not depends on the manner in which the quest is done.
  • Stages are not always in order of progress. This is usually the case with quests that have multiple possible outcomes or quests where certain task may be done in random order. Some stages may therefore repeat objectives seen in other stages.
  • If Telrav is not killed, he will go back to where he was initially found. He will not be hostile, even if spoken to.