Telvanni Stronghold is a House Telvanni quest which results in the Nerevarine building Tel Uvirith, the Stronghold of Telvanni on Vvardenfell, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has been named as Master Aryon's Mouth, they will be able to build their very own Stronghold, Tel Uvirith. In order to do this, they must first speak to Llunela Hleran in the Council House in Sadrith Mora.

Phase IEdit

The Nerevarine may begin Phase I by obtaining a Construction Contract from Duke Vedam Dren. Duke Dren will ask that the Nerevarine act in the best interests of Morrowind before giving them the contract (if the Nerevarine has already completed the main quest, he will give the contract over as thanks). The Nerevarine will have also been told by Hleran to obtain a pair of strong souls, which can be obtained by killing Golden Saints or Winged Twilights. Once all objects have been obtained, the Nerevarine may return to Hleran, whom will order the first Phase to begin.

After a few days, the Nerevarine will have to return to Hlaren. She will ask that the Nerevarine head to the site of construction, Uvirith's Grave (in the Molag Amur region, northwest of the Erabenimsun Camp). The forman, Gashnakh gra-Moghul will tell the Nerevarine that the construction is going well. They must then relay this information to Hlaren in Sadrith Mora. After a few days, the Nerevarine will receive a journal update, informing them that the first phase has been completed.

Phase IIEdit

The second phase will begin once the Nerevarine has obtained two more things for Hleran. The first is a significant sum of 5,000GoldIcon, paid to her directly while the second is a set of Dwemer Plans, held within the ruins of Mzanchend (to the northwest of Tel Uvirith). Once the money, and the plans, have been handed to Hleran, the second phase will begin, with the Nerevarine receiving a note of its completion a few days later.

Phase IIIEdit

The third phase of Tel Uvirith will only be available to the Nerevarine once they have ascended to the rank of Master in House Telvanni. Hleran will inform the Nerevarine that they will need guards in order to protect the stronghold. Helpfully she has a solution to this problem, however the key to this solution is held within the vampire infested cave of Galom Daeus.

The book Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi is the basis for Hleran's planned guards, and is held well within the vampiric lair, found to the southwest of Tel Uvirith. Once it has been safely taken from the lair, the Nerevarine must take it to Hleran, whom will order the final phase of construction (as well as the construction of the Stronghold's guards). After a few days, the Nerevarine will receive note of the completion of Tel Uvirith.


Telvanni Stronghold (Phase I)
IDJournal Entry
5In order to advance in House Telvanni, I must build my own tower. I should speak with Llunela Hleran, the Telvanni stronghold builder.
  • Quest accepted
10Llunela Hleran told me that in order to build my stronghold, I must get a construction contract from Duke Vedam Dren. I must also give Llunela to soul gems with strong souls.
20Llunela Hleran gave me two grand soulgems. I must fill them with strong souls and return them to her before she can begin work on my stronghold.
50Llunela Hleran accepted the construction contract and the soulgems with strong souls. She said she would give the orders to begin construction.
55I should speak with Llunela Hleran about my stronghold.
60Llunela Hleran asked me to speak with Gashnak gra-Mughol, the foreman in charge of building my stronghold. My tower is being built on the ruins of Tel Uvirith which is due west of Tel Fyr and northwest of the Erabinimsun camp.
70Gashnak gra-Mughol assured me that the tower was growing well and should be ready to occupy within a week.
90Llunela Hleran thanked me for keeping her up to date on the progress of my stronghold.
 100 The first stage of my stronghold should be complete today.
  • Phase I Complete
Telvanni Stronghold (Phase II)
105In order to advance further in House Telvanni, I must improve my stronghold so that it rivals that of the other Telvanni Councilors.
110Llunela Hleran said that she could improve my stronghold if I paid her 5000 gold. She also wants me to investigate the Dwemer ruin of Mzanchend northwest of my stronghold. I should bring her any dwemer plans or schematics that I find there.
170Llunela Hleran thanked me for the 5000 gold and the Dwemer Schematics. She will give orders to build the next stage of my stronghold.
200The second stage of my stronghold should be complete today.
  • Phase II Complete
Telvanni Stronghold (Phase III)
210Llunela Hleran is willing to order the final stage of my stronghold. However, she believes that my stronghold needs better guards. She wants me to bring her the book "Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi" from Galom Daeus. If I do this, my stronghold will be the first in ages to be guarded by Dwemer Centurions.
270Llunela Hleran thanked me for bringing her the book "Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi." She gave orders to begin the last stage of my stronghold.
300The last stage of my stronghold is complete.
  • Quest complete