"Y'ffre's bones are all around us. Feel his energy, smell his blood."
―Temple Acolyte[src]

Temple Acolyte is an Altmer that resides in the Auridon city of Vulkhel Guard. There are several characters with this name.


The Temple Acolytes can be found at the plaza in front of the Vulkhel Guard Manor & Treasury.


  • Like the rays of the sun, may the energies of Magnus be warm upon your brow
  • Trinimac guard your heart, traveler. May he put steel in your spine, and guide your strikes.


  • Since the introduction of The Elder Scrolls Online: Dark Brotherhood expansion, characters now have specific classes, and loot specific to these classes. As some Acolytes are "Cultist" class, Daedric-related items such as "Daedric Candlestick" may be pickpocketed from them.