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The Temple of Dibella is a structure atop a crag in the city of Markarth. There is a Shrine of Dibella where Dibella's blessing can be obtained.


  • Sybil's Antechamber: where the High Priestess sleeps.
  • Inner Sanctum: where only women are allowed to go. This room is Locked Master or Expert depending on character level.


A small number of priestesses wander the temple grounds including Senna. Inside the Sanctum, more priestesses pray and seek sensual contemplation, including Anwen, Orla, and Hamal, who is an enchantress.


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  • Curiously, the temple has no beds and the priestesses never seem to sleep. They either sit in the back of the inner sanctum, or in the larger inner sanctum hallway on one of the four stone chairs. Senna, who is in the entry hallway before the inner sanctum, does not go to sleep either, and can be seen wandering around while cleaning up. When the young Sybil, Fjotra, is freed and brought to the temple, she too matches this sleepless behavior.


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