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"You're in my home. That's right. This here place, Breezehome, it belongs to old Terek."

Terek is an unused Imperial who was supposed to be illegally living in Breezehome. He refuses to leave the house, even if the Dragonborn purchased the property from the steward.


Terek does not appear in-game and can only be located through the use of console commands.


  • "Now I don't care about no deeds, or laws, or other nonsense like that. This house was empty, so I settled in. And now it's mine."
  • "You can't kick me out of here. You want me gone, you're gonna have to kill me."
  • "Don't let the door slam into your backside on the way out."
  • "Oho! And what do you want, hmm?"


  • Despite living in the house illegally, attacking him results in a bounty.