Teruise Girvayne's House is a location in Seyda Neen owned by Teruise Girvayne. The Nerevarine may come here for advice from Teruise. Otherwise, this location has no real use for them.


Upon entering the house, a table with general utensils can be seen to the right, and a fireplace can be seen to the left along with a rug that is placed centrally in the house. Teruise resides by her bed and is free to offer any advice to the Nerevarine. Behind her are some sacks that have random items in them that are free to take. There is also a bed with an accompanying nightstand that cannot be slept in, the house also has numerous windows though they are all closed.


Notable itemsEdit

  • General utensils on the table to the right of the entrance (bowls, cups, knives, forks, spoons, etc.)
  • Randomized items (inside containers/sacks when the Nerevarine enters the house)


  • The house reads "Terurise Girvayne," which is a misspell of Teruise's name. This is not the only occasion in which her name is misspelled; the other is on the Tax Record.