For other uses, see Sanyon.

Thalmor Agent Sanyon is a dead Thalmor Justiciar found at the Shrine of Talos Massacre unmarked location in Falkreath Hold.


He carries orders from Elenwen, who calls him "Agent Sanyon," and he is dressed in the gear of a Justiciar Mage: hooded Thalmor robes, gloves and boots.

The orders also reveal that he was investigating Talos worship in the Lake Ilinalta area,[1] but was seemingly killed in a skirmish with the worshipers.


  • Although he is a Justiciar, he always carries a random low-level enchanted item, such as Hide Armor or an Iron Shield.
  • In Elenwen's letter to Sanyon, she states that she has "better agents" than him, suggesting that he wasn't very good at his job.
  • If he is raised with a Conjuration spell, such as Dread Zombie or Dead Thrall, the only spell Sanyon makes use of is Flames.