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Loyal citizen of the Isles, heed the statement of the Thalmor. Bear witness to these words about our new allies, the Khajiit and the Wood Elves.

Integration with our new Wood Elf and Khajiiti allies continues apace. To promote Alliance harmony, loyal Thalmor agents have drawn together this short list of helpful notices. Follow this mandatory guidance with cheer, and our new allies will look on you with favor.

- Do not refer to Khajiit as "cats", "kitties", "fuzzies", or any other derogatory feline-based term.

- Khajiiti delicacies are often very sweet, or spiced with the exotic substance known as moon-sugar. Diners beware.

- Do not touch a Khajiit's tail without permission.

- Our Khajiiti allies have a unique dialect. Mocking their speech, or imitating it, is considered quite rude and non-Aldmeri.

- When inviting a Wood Elf to dine, know that resources of the forest are sacred to them. Serve venison, but no salads.

- Do not refer to Wood Elves as "shorties", "runties", or any other derogatory height-based terms.

- Have a care when imbibing Wood Elf brews, as their beverages are very different than our own.

- Do not imply to Wood Elves that they are cannibals, or ask them about how they dispose of their dead.

Eagles, Unite!


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