Thalmor Robes is a rare piece of enchanted clothing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Thalmor Robes grant the same effect as their hooded counterpart. The robes, in addition to the lack of the hood, also lacks the stand-up collar seen on the hooded version.

As it has no hood, Circlets and helmets can be worn with it.


Functioning as clothing, the Thalmor Robes allow the Alteration perk "Mage Armor" to double the effects of Flesh spells, such as Oakflesh and Stoneflesh.


There are only three known locations of these robes:

  • Ancano wears these robes. They can be obtained at the end of The Eye of Magnus. Actually, the Dragonborn can get an unlimited amount of them if they have learned Dead Thrall and if they are level 40 or lower. Making him their thrall and taking all his clothes, going somewhere else will reset his inventory, giving him a new copy of the robes.
  • Elenwen wears a set.
  • A set is on a table in the "party building" at the Thalmor Embassy, in a derelict room off to the side of the bar where two Thalmor Soldiers are talking.


  • In the inventory menu, Thalmor Robes are visually identical to the Hooded Thalmor Robes.
  • When worn in third-person, the collar and buttons at the neck can be seen. This likely is present on the hooded versions as well, though is covered by the stand-up collar and hood.

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