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Thalmor Soldiers are male and female Altmer members of the Thalmor, usually adorned in full Elven armor and Elven weapons. For spells, Thalmor Soldiers use Bound Sword and Flames. They are found in a duo or trio, often accompanied by a Thalmor Wizard or a Thalmor Justiciar.


Weapons and armor worn by Thalmor Soldiers varies depending on their and the Dragonborn's level.

  • Higher levels (36+)
    • Glass Armor or Elven Armor
    • Steel, Elven or Glass weapons


Just like their gear, Thalmor Soldiers' spells are level dependent.


Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

Thalmor soldiers are first encountered as guards at the Thalmor Embassy. They appear in the subsequent rooms during the Dragonborn's search for information on the return of the dragons. If the Dragonborn does not sneak or use Illusion magic, they will attack them on sight. The perk "Kindred Mage" is not needed for Fear or Pacify to work on them.

Other appearancesEdit

Thalmor soldiers appear again in The Ratway Warrens and The Ratway Vaults, looking for Esbern and the Dragonborn.

Several non-hostile Thalmor Soldiers patrol Understone Keep with Ondolemar.

Random EncountersEdit

Thalmor Soldiers can be encountered on the world map, attacking Bandits and Orc warriors.

Thalmor can be encountered on the road transporting prisoners for worshiping Talos. Supporting the worship of Talos, or assisting the prisoner will cause the Thalmor soldiers to attack.

A group of Thalmor may also attack the Dragonborn with a note, saying that it is important to kill the Dragonborn and not to underestimate them.



Diplomatic ImmunityEdit

Thalmor Soldier: "Did you see those robes march in this morning? Who're they with? More of the Emmisary's treaty enforcers?"
Thalmor Soldier 2: "No. They're high mages, just in from Alinor. I guess Herself is finally getting worried about all the dragon attacks."
Thalmor Soldier: "Ah, good. I've been wondering how we were supposed to defend this place from a dragon"
Thalmor Soldier 2: "If a dragon does show up, maybe we'll get lucky and it will eat the mages first. Might give us enough time to kill it."
Thalmor Soldier: "Ha. I'd like to see those arrogant bastards taken down a notch. Always looking down their noses at us lowly footsloggers."
Both: "(laughter)"
Thalmor Soldier 2: "Well, we'd better get back to our rounds."



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