The Thalmor Wizards are an elite group of Altmer mages. They are competent in both Destruction and Illusion magic. Outfitted in Thalmor Robes and Hooded Thalmor Robes, which decrease Destruction spell costs by 12%, each one also posses an Elven Dagger.

In battle, Thalmor Wizards switch between ranged shock spells such as Sparks, Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning and Wards. Some Thalmor Wizards summon Storm Atronachs or Flame Atronachs (level-dependent).


Thalmor Wizards appear at the Thalmor Embassy, serving as guards to the restricted areas. Several more accompany Thalmor Soldiers in The Ratway Vaults and The Ratway Warrens, searching for Esbern and the Dragonborn.

The Illusion perk Kindred Mage is needed for Thalmor Wizards to be affected by Illusion spells such as Fear and Pacify.



  • "There's the Blades agent! Kill him!"
  • "Esbern cannot elude us, fool!"
  • "The Thalmor's memory is long."
  • "You should not have meddled in the Thalmor's affairs."