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Tharer Rotheloth is a Dunmer monk, a Tribunal member, and the master of the Molag Mar Temple. He is extremely quick and agile, which is reflected by the skills in which he trains. Tharer also has several quests available to fellow Tribunal Temple members.


After joining the Tribunal Temple, the Nerevarine speaks with Tharer frequently while performing various duties for him, including both curing the meek and slaying the wicked.

Pilgrimages of the Seven GracesEdit

Complete several pilgrimages as an initiation to the Tribunal.

Cure LetteEdit

Tharer tasks the Nerevarine with traveling to Tel Mora to cure Lette of disease.

Necromancer in MawiaEdit

Tharer requests that a necromancer located southeast of the temple be killed.

Pilgrimage to Mount KandEdit

The Nerevarine is sent on a pilgrimage to the Mount Kand shrine.

Slay Raxle BerneEdit

Tharer wishes for Uvirith's Grave to be purged of vampires.



Tharer uses or carries the following:




Tharer uses the following:





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