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Thauraver's Orders is a note written by a person known only as K demanding the death of escaped slaves. The recipient can be found following through with the orders at Sjobal, and will not hesitate to engage the Nerevarine in combat if confronted. Reading the note increases one's Security skill.



I'm tired of waiting. The hell with the Dark Brotherhood, the hell with the Morag Tong. You're all I need. Find those damn slaves and bring them back. If they won't come back, kill them. Actually, just kill them. They're damaged product and I don't need the aggravation.

You've never let me down before and I know you won't let me down now.



  • The Nerevarine encounters only three people whose name begins with the letter K in Bloodmoon: Kjolver, Kolfinna, and Korst Wind-Eye. None of them are likely to be involved in the slave trade or the author of the note.