The Abducted Child is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


A child has been kidnapped, and it is the task of the Hero of Daggerfall to rescue them.


  • Travel to the specified town
  • Enter the specified house
  • Find the child
  • Return the child to the Questgiver.


After finding the specified town and locating the specified residence, The Hero of Daggerfall may find it locked. If this is the case, they must attack the door to force it open. They must then search the house for the child and slay any Assassins that attack before speaking with the child to heave it follow them. The Hero must then return to the Questgiver and claim their reward.


On [Date] , [Questgiver]told me of the heartbreaking kidnapping of his child [Child's name] by the Dark Brotherhood. I immediately agreed to rescue him from [Residence name] in [Residence location]. His family will wait [Time Limit] days for my return to [Questgiver's location] in [Questgiver's town].