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  • Location: Marbruk, The Parchment and Horn Inn; Bookshelves
  • Author: Anonymous


Who has seen the Amronal of Valenwood?
I thought I saw her drifting toward me,
like a woman I knew a long time ago.

But that was a different place,
much colder and not nearly so full of trees.
That was before I opened my eyes and shook off the sleep.

Now I walk the forest, not as a hunter,
but as a prey, hoping for a hunter,
hoping to be tracked, caught, and killed.

Wispmother, ethereal and strange,
do not be a ghost to me.
Snow Elf, do not be a legend.

Release me from this restless enchantment,
wrap me in your spell,
and let the last word on my lips be your name:



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