The Assassin is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon. Carnius has instructed the Nerevarine to assassinate Falco Galenus.




The Assassin
Carnius has instructed me to assassinate Falco. There will be someone waiting for me to be ready; I should go to the top of the mining office tower and draw the bow that has been left for me. That will signal to Baslod that he should proceed.
  • Quest accepted
I am at the assigned point, and have drawn my bow to signal that I am ready.
Baslod attacked Falco and ran off.
I have killed Falco.
Carnius congratulated me on a job well done.
  • Quest complete
I've missed my window of opportunity. The guards have returned; I cannot kill Falco now.
  • Quest complete
I was spotted trying to kill Falco, and have failed my assignment.
  • Quest complete

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