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"The High Elves live long lives and have a talent for magic. Sometimes an Altmer's pursuit of magical power leads to tampering with forbidden knowledge and illicit dealings with evil Daedra. It was to confine such trespassers that the Banished Cells were created."
―The Banished Cells Loading Screen[src]

The Banished Cells is a level 12–15 group dungeon found in The Elder Scrolls Online. It is located in the region of Auridon, second largest of the Summerset Isles.

Entering Banished CellsEdit

It is important to note that players should expect to zone directly into combat when entering the BC map via Wayshrine teleport. The room containing the BC wayshrine, adjacent to the main entry, is occupied by the initial quest NPC with an assortment of lesser Daedra Banelings and/or Scamps. As the first player zones in, they will find the character, and likely themselves, under attack from the Daedra. It is advised groups plan ahead to enter together or send in the strongest player first to clear the area.

Notable itemsEdit


Banishing the BanishedEdit

Help the Keepers contain High Kinlord Rilis.

The PlanEdit

Help the keepers contain High Kinlord Rilis a second time.



Banished Cells IIEdit

Bosses / Minibosses: