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"The Black Dragon? How brave of you to seek the most powerful warrior in our order. You know, the Black Dragon was a lot like you once, before she sought redemption."
Lyra Viria to the Vestige[src]

The Black Dragon is a mysterious and powerful assassin who serves as the First Sword of the Order of the Hour. Along with Primate Artorius, she is one of the antagonists of the Dark Brotherhood questline, having been killing off their members.


A Lesson in SilenceEdit

The Black Dragon is first seen at the At-Himah Family Estate, speaking to Grand Sermonizer Fithia about their recent progress:

The Black Dragon: "Grand Sermonizer, have you discovered the location of the Sanctuary yet?"
Grand Sermonizer Fithia: "Unfortunately, this assassin expired before revealing anything useful."
Black Dragon: "I'll capture another. Try not to kill this one before we learn the location of the Dark Brotherhood's lair."
Fithia: "Lord Akatosh, hear our prayer! Let me just prepare the body... like so."

After the exchange, the Black Dragon will depart, leaving Fithia in charge of guarding Cimbar's body.

Dark RevelationsEdit

When looking for the Black Dragon's chambers, you shall come across Lyra, a member of the Order who refuses to attack you, and will lead you to the Black Dragon's chambers. After reading The Black Dragon's Journal, Mirabelle Motierre will appear, resulting in the following conversation:

Mirabelle Motierre: "Psst! Assassin! Up here! I'm waiting for the Black Dragon."
Lyra: "Setting a trap for the Dragon? Is that the idea?"
Mirabelle: "Wait, who's that with you?"

Lyra will then teleport in a cloud of red mist, don her armor as the Black Dragon, and murder Mirabelle with her dagger, revealing her true identity:

Lyra/The Black Dragon: "I am death, you silly fool!"
[stabs Mirabelle]
"We'll meet again, assassin. And next time I'll be ready to deal with you!"
Mirabelle: "Don't mourn for me, Assassin. I've always dreamed of the Void.
I'll see Cimbar and the Dread Father soon... but you need to warn Astara... the Black Dragon is..."

The Black Dragon will leave the chambers, and Mirabelle will die of her wounds shortly after saying her last words.

A Ghost from the PastEdit

After reading The Black Dragon's Journal, Green-Venom-Tongue decides that he wants you to accompany him to his former sanctuary in the Blackwood Borderlands, in order to discover the truth behind the Black Dragon. He says the Black Dragon wrote down that she killed Lyra Viria, though Venom must uncover why she uses her name.

At the Xith-Izkul sanctuary, Green-Venom-Tongue will burn a special Hist-related resin that allows one to see events in the past. It is revealed that The Black Dragon was actually Lyra Viria, and was the assassin ordered to perform the Purification on the sanctuary.

After witnessing Lyra murder Annalise, Duras, Vrayden, Hallan, she will pray at the statue of Sithis, asking him if the deaths were what he truly wanted. Speaker Arawen arrives, assuring her that her actions were by Sithis' will, and sends her on a contract to assassinate Primate Jonas.

The projection of Lyra will fade, and Green-Venom-Tongue requests to meet you at Kvatch. At the Cathedral of Akatosh, Venom uses the last of his resin to view the following exchange:

Primate Artorius: "Put away your weapon, child. We have much to discuss.
You feel lost, without purpose. But the opposite is true. Everything has led you to me."

Lyra Viria: "Oh really? I just see another witness that needs to be silenced."
Artorius: "I performed the Sacrament that brought you here. Not because Primate Jonas needed to die, but because the Dragon God wanted us to join forces."
Lyra: "Join forces? I don't understand..."
Artorius: "You need to turn away from the Void and step into the light. Join me and together we'll walk the path to redemption."
Lyra: "Redemption? I'm a murderer! There's no redemption for someone like me."
Artorius: "Nonsense, child. Akatosh performs more impressive miracles than that all the time. We just need to turn your talents to the holy work of the Dragon God.
Become my champion, a sword of Akatosh―my Black Dragon that burns away evil's darkness."

Lyra/The Black Dragon: "I... yes. I see it now. I pledge my blade and my life to you and to Akatosh. Show me the way."

Their projections will then fade and the resin will wear off.

The Wrath of SithisEdit

After deciphering the Order of the Hour's puzzle and entering Knightsgrave, shadows of the Black Dragon will appear, taunting and speaking to both you and Green-Venom-Tongue:

The Black Dragon: "They sent you to hunt me down? I suppose that's what happens when all the good assassins have already been eliminated."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "Lyra? Ah, a shadow! Clever. Very clever.
The Black Dragon's using shadows to track our progress."

The Black Dragon: "You'd kill me, Venom? You were my Brother once. Join me and forget your obligations."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "Join you? I'm going to send you to the Void, traitor!"

The Black Dragon: "The Dark Brotherhood is a pox. It deserves to be destroyed."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "What lies did Artorius fill your head with, Lyra?"

Later in the ruins, a gate will appear, blocking your path. The Black Dragon will tell Venom "Turn back! I don't want to kill you!" Venom will continue on, and manages to get over the gate. You and him are then separated.

The Black Dragon says "Follow me and you die, assassin. You can't defeat me.", and sends Minotaurs your way. After they are defeated, she will then say "You are a determined one, I'll give you that. You must have really bought into the Brotherhood's lies."

After finding Green-Venom-Tongue, the Black Dragon has already reached him. He will be found impaled with a sword in his chest, with the Black Dragon's shadow looking over him:

The Black Dragon: "I believed their lies once, when they told me we were family. Then they made me kill them."
Green-Venom-Tongue: "I almost had her... but Lyra was always a step faster than me...
I saw the Wrath of Sithis, Assassin. The Dread Father hunts her, too.
Just like in... the old stories...
You're the blade of Sithis... kill her and the Dread Father... will claim her soul..."

Lyra's shadow will disappear. Further along, she will re-appear in the Chamber of Shadow and Path of Light, saying "What did the Brotherhood give me? Nothing but guilt and shame. The Order? They offered me redemption. But in the end it was just more lies. And you know who's lies hurt the most? Primate Artorius. Artorius isn't as pious as he pretends. You know, he even had me murder his beloved mentor. And now I killed Green-Venom-Tongue, too. I wonder, if we betray the Brotherhood, does the Wrath of Sithis really claim our souls?"

In the Paragon's Crown, Lyra will say "Green-Venom-Tongue challenged me and failed. What hope do you have? Even my shadows are more substantial than you! Now here's your chance to impress me, Assassin." She will then summon multiple of her shadows, each with different weapons and abilities, to attack you. Throughout the battles, she will say "Show me every flaw, every weakness.", "If you're the best your Sanctuary can throw against me, they're already dead!", "Not bad for someone who's swinging at shadows!", and "With each of my shadows you dispatch, I learn one more way to kill you!". Once all the shadows are defeated, she will say "Primate Artorius manipulated all of us. He led us to this cliff. Will you leap and continue to follow his lies?"

After entering Knightsgrave Grotto, the Black Dragon will say "I told Artorius the location of your Sanctuary. Brema was good enough to reveal it to me before I slit her throat. The Order of the Hour will purify your Sanctuary. You cannot stop it." With her final shadow, she says "And here we are. I'm ready to die. Let's see if you're good enough to kill me."

Upon reaching her, she will initiate battle. Once she is killed, the Wrath of Sithis, a projection of Sithis, will raise her soul from her body. It will then shackle her, and drive her into the ground, delivering her to the Void:

The Black Dragon: "No! What's happening?
The stories were true! Sithis, have mercy!"


When fighting her shadows, the Black Dragon uses different weapons and abilities for each, causing many different scenarios in which to defeat them. Her shadows each have 62,736 health.

After finally dueling her in Knightsgrave Grotto, the Black Dragon duel-wields swords and wears heavy armor. She is immune to many abilities, and quite difficult to defeat. When attacking, she may use a special sweep attack using her sword, as well as casting a powerful lightning spell. She has 181,185 health.


Early lifeEdit

"She was an assassin. She killed on command and with impunity, leaving a graveyard full of corpses in her wake. She's a member of the Dark Brotherhood. That is, she was. Until they pushed her too far."
―Lyra Viria[src]

The Black Dragon was originally a member of the Dark Brotherhood known as Lyra Viria. Lyra was stationed at the Xith-Izkul Sanctuary, located between Blackwood and Murkmire.[1] She was friends with many of the assassins in the sanctuary, including Green-Venom-Tongue.[2] Venom and Lyra had joined the Brotherhood around the same time, and we're told horror stories by the veteran members of the group. Among them was the story of Brombar, an assassin who betrayed his brother. Brombar was mortally wounded by his sister, who left him so that the Wrath of Sithis could claim his soul while he was fully aware of what was happening. Venom said that he and Lyra couldn't sleep soundly for a week after that.[3]

The PurificationEdit

Before long, Lyra reached the title of Silencer, a high rank in the Brotherhood that was granted to those who showed promising skill and devotion.[1] Green-Venom-Tongue noted her as the most skilled of any assassin in the sanctuary.[2] For unknown reasons, the Black Hand ordered a Purification on the Xith-Izkul Sanctuary. As silencer, Lyra was ordered to kill the members of the sanctuary, a difficult task as she was close with many of them.[1] Green-Venom-Tongue was spared, having been on a special mission and therefore no part in the matter, and was led to believe Lyra died in the purification.[2]

Once the deed was done, Lyra prayed at the Statue of Sithis, questioning him if all the deaths were what was truly right for the Dark Brotherhood. Speaker Arawen arrived, assuring Lyra purification of the sanctuary was by Sithis' will. Almost immediately, she assigned Lyra's next task of assassinating Primate Jonas of the Order of the Hour. Lyra requested time to grieve for her fallen brothers and sisters, though Arawen scolded her for it, saying that she was a weapon and such bonds were weakness.[1]

Joining the OrderEdit

"Before I donned the armor of the Black Dragon, I was simply a Silencer FOR the Dark Brotherhood. Now I'm the Black Dragon, Silencer OF the Dark Brotherhood and First Sword of the Order of the Hour."
―The Black Dragon[src]

Lyra traveled to the Cathedral of Akatosh in Kvatch, where she met Artorius Ponticus. Artorius told her that it was he who ordered the assassination of his superior, Primate Jonas, and that his true goal was to meet with Lyra instead. Artorius offered Lyra redemption, promising her that Akatosh would forgive her if she put her talents toward serving the Dragon God. He offered her to become his champion, the First Sword of the Order, a "Black Dragon that burns away evil's darkness". Lyra accepted, defecting from the Dark Brotherhood and joining the Order of the Hour. Under Artorius' command, she assassinated Primate Jonas, so that he could usurp his place.[1][4]

Lyra became The Black Dragon, a warrior of Akatosh with the rank of First Blade, and no longer considered herself Lyra Viria. Being part of the Order was not the same being part of the Brotherhood. Lyra considered her fellow assassins as family, and the members of the Order instead respected and feared her. They showed love for no one except Akatosh, and perhaps Primate Artorius. The Black Dragon was cocksure of her actions in the Brotherhood for most of her time there, and originally in the Order, but began feeling discontent.[5]

Targeting the BrotherhoodEdit

As the First Blade, Primate Artorius assigned the Black Dragon the task of hunting down Brotherhood members and finding the Sanctuary operating within the Gold Coast. The Black Dragon killed a number of members, both new initiates and veteran assassins, including one named Symdul.[3]

The Black Dragon continued hunting members, and eventually captured Cimbar. She assigned Grand Sermonizer Fithia to torture Cimbar for information.[4] Cimbar refused to reveal the location, and perished from the torture, and Fithia cast a spell on his body, which caused Tanek to be chained to the floor. She later went to the Enclave of the Hourglass, and met the Vestige under the name of Lyra. She questioned the Vestige on whether they had regrets, saying Primate Artorius believed everyone was worthy of redemption, and led her to the Black Dragon's chambers. Mirabelle Motierre, seeking revenge on the Black Dragon for killing Cimbar, waited in her chambers in order to murder her. Mirabelle accidentally revealed her plan to Lyra, who swiftly killed Mirabelle, and threatened the Vestige.[1]

The Black Dragon later found Brema, and had her reveal the location of the sanctuary before slitting her throat. She told Primate Artorius of the sanctuary's location,[4] and set out to Knightsgrave after the Enclave of the Hourglass began to feel to confining for her.[6]

Seclusion in KnightsgraveEdit

"I sought out the ruins of Knightsgrave after the Enclave of the Hourglass began to feel too confining, too full of life. I don't deserve to mingle with so many vibrant, living beings. Death has become more than my vocation—it's a vital part of my life. So why not linger in this place of the dead?"
―The Black Dragon[src]

Lyra traveled to Knightsgrave, an ancient headquarters for the Order of the Hour, now in ruins. She researched the founders and their statues, admiring their actions, specifically the original First Sword Justia Desticus. She later discovered the braziers served as a key into the inner parts of Knightsgrave, and quickly deciphered how to activate them. She found many Minotaurs within, taking careful measures to ignore them. The Black Dragon then came across the Paragon's Crown, a large circle with pillars surrounding it, and prayed to Akatosh.[6]

Further into the ruins she found the grotto of Knightsgrave, which contained a large statue of Akatosh built by the Alessian Order in the First Era. The many cages suggested the Alessian Order performed darker rites than the Order of the Hour did in Kvatch. The Black Dragon then defected from the Order of the Hour, hating the Primate and the Dark Brotherhood for turning her into what she became.[4][6]

The Dark Brotherhood then discovered Lyra was hiding out in Knightsgrave. Astara Caerellius sent Green-Venom-Tongue and the Vestige to kill the Black Dragon. Lyra sent many shadows to communicate to them, warning them to go back. The ignored her pleas, and after they had been separated, she impaled Green-Venom-Tongue with a sword, mortally wounding him before he said his last words to the Vestige.[1]

"And here we are. I'm ready to die. Let's see if you're good enough to kill me."
―The Black Dragon to the Vestige[src]

The Vestige pursued the Black Dragon, while she sent more shadows to communicate to them. At the Paragon's Crown, she sent multiple shadows with different tactics to attack and kill the Vestige, evaluating them defeat the shadows and discovering more of the Vestige's weaknesses. Finally, at Knightsgrave Grotto, the Black Dragon dueled the Vestige to the death. The Black Dragon finally perished at the Vestige's hand, and the Wrath of Sithis shackled Lyra's soul, taking her to the Void.[1]



Show: Dark Revelations
(As Lyra Viria)

"It seems you have me at a disadvantage. But you don't have to be afraid of me. Put away your weapons and I'll help you in whatever way I can."

Tell me where I can find the Black Dragon.
"The Black Dragon? How brave of you to seek the most powerful warrior in our order. I can show you where her chambers are, if you like. You know, the Black Dragon was a lot like you once, before she sought redemption."

<Remain silent.>
Like me? What do you mean?
"As I understand it, she was an assassin. She killed on command and with impunity, leaving a graveyard full of corpses in her wake. She's a member of the Dark Brotherhood. That is, she was. Until they pushed her too far."
How do you know all this?
"Members of the Order are encouraged to talk about their pasts. But we should get to someplace more private. You don't want to get caught out in the open if more of the Order appears. I'll take you to the Black Dragon's chambers. We can talk there."
Lead the way.
"Stay close."

Why are you trying to help me?
"Primate Artorius teaches us that no one is beyond redemption. In time and with effort, all wrongs can righted. I can be patient. Can you?"

Are you trying to redeem me?
"Redemption isn't for everyone, and I've never presume to do such a thing. Unless, of course, you're open to the idea. Do you regret your role in all of this? You can tell me. I'm a good listener."
I don't need redemption.
What if I did have some regrets?
"Regret is like a specter of the past that haunts the present. If you have regrets, I'd tell you to leave this place. Leave the Gold Coast. Go far away and find whatever peace you can. If only I had listened to my own advice..."
It sounds like you have a few regrets of your own.
"The Primate says regrets are as numerous as the the stars in the sky and they shine the brightest in the darkness. But I don't want to talk about religion anymore, do you?"


  • "You remind me of who I was. That's why I'm going to kill you." (Initiating combat)
  • "If not redemption, then let me have battle!" (at 75% health)
  • "At least in combat, the lies we tell are pure!" (at 50% health)
  • "I'm impressed, Assassin." (at 25% health)