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Observations by Green-Venom-Tongue

The Blade of Woe. My happiest day since emerging from the egg was wen the Speaker granted me access to this superb weapon.

Where does this Blade of Woe go when it's not in my hand? My Brother and Sisters assume we share a single weapon, but how can such a thing be? It has never not appeared when I called for it. The mysteries of our Dread Father, I suppose.

Nothing is more satisfying than performing a perfect kill with a perfect blade.

Tanek followed me once when I went to complete a contract. He tried to call for the Blade of Woe at the exact moment that I needed it. His attempt at a prank failed, but the twin kills we completed were most impressive.

I asked a Speaker once if I could sheathe the Blade of Woe in my own scabbard. She said the blade's scabbard was sacred, and I wasn't fit to possess such a thing. She knows me too well.

The Blade of Woe sends souls severed by its sharpness to the Void. But so does poison, my sword, a dire wolf's jaws, and a perfectly timed falling boulder. Even so, I prefer to wield the blade when I can. Hail Sithis!

I noticed that Kor rarely calls for the Blade of Woe. He seems to prefer to make his kills more challenging by actually engaging in prolonged battle with his targets. Does this make Kor a bad assassin? Probably not. But to each his own, I suppose.


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