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The Bloodstone Chalice

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The Bloodstone Chalice
Redwater Wellspring
Prerequisite Bloodline
Next Quest Prophet
Faction Volkihar Clan
Type Main quest
QuestID DLC1VampireBaseIntro
The Bloodstone Chalice is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. Serving as the fifth quest in the add-on, The Bloodstone Chalice represents the first quest after the fork in the storyline, where the Dragonborn chooses to side with Harkon and acquire the Vampire Lord ability.


After accepting Harkon's offer, he asks the Dragonborn to speak to Garan Marethi. Garan Marethi informs the Dragonborn of the Bloodstone Chalice, an ancient vampire artifact that needs to be filled with water from the Redwater spring located deep within Redwater Den. He warns that the den has fallen into the hands of unsavory people who will also need to be dealt with.


Head to Redwater Den located within the Rift. From the outside, it appears as a dilapidated hut guarded by two Redwater Lookouts who will welcome the Dragonborn.

Go around to the side of the hut and into a trap door that leads inside the den. A Doorman will be posted inside who warns the Dragonborn to keep all weapons sheathed and not to cause any trouble. Once inside, it becomes apparent that a secret skooma den is being run from within. Speaking with the Dealer at the counter will give a little more insight into the den and some free Redwater Skooma samples can be obtained from her if the speech skill is high enough. Head past the cacophony of hacking coughs and towards the Adept level locked gate on the right. Pick the lock or pickpocket the key from the Attendant and head into the cave system.

Skooma caveEdit

Once inside, head through the tunnels and into a large cavern that seems to be where the Redwater Skooma is distilled. Fight past the hostile vampires and once they're defeated on the bottom level there is a prison cell with a dead NPC inside it which can be opened with the Redwater den backrooms key, alternatively it can be opened by picking the adept level lock. Where the Alteration Spell Tome Telekinesis can be found. Then head up the ramp and around to the upper platform where a lever is located. Pull the lever and it will drop the wooden drawbridge. Cross the bridge and head deeper into the cave system killing any additional hostiles until the door to Redwater Spring is reached.

Redwater SpringEdit

This part of the cave is actually an old Nordic tomb that was buried during an earthquake in the Second Era, and as such is infested with Draugr. Once the cell is entered, directly north will be a table with gold and Venarus Vulpin's Journal on it. After grabbing them then proceed through the tunnels and towards the main prison. Be careful to avoid a floor trap that leads to a spike pit when entering. Kill the vampires here and head forward. Venarus Vulpin, a powerful vampire and leader of the skooma operation can be found in the next set of rooms. Kill him and his thralls once they have been defeated, on the nearby table there will be gold and gems as well as Venarus Vulpin's Research then head on until the spring itself is reached.

Walk up to the bubbling bloody waters and attempt to fill the chalice. At that moment Stalf ‎and Salonia Caelia, two vampires from Lord Volkihar's court will appear. They argue about who should get the credit for returning the chalice and then they decide to attack the Dragonborn (Attacking them without allowing them to argue will make Dragonborn a traitor in Volkihar's court).

Once they have both been killed, fill the Chalice with bloody springwater. Walk up to one of their bodies take a sample of their blood. Proceed through the tunnel and exit the cave system back into the skooma den. Return to Garan Marethi and tell him what happened.

An alternate method is to consume the Redwater Skooma while in the den. After its effects, the Dragonborn will wake up locked up inside a cell from within the dungeon. The same cell the Telekinesis spell is found in. From here, the gate can be unlocked and the spring reached as normal. 


  • Despite the fact that Garan Marethi tells Dragonborn has choice whether to deal with them or force their way through there is no real choice and it is possible only to force Dragonborn's way through.
  • Coming here at early levels will allow the player to get the Telekinesis spell very early on.
  • This can be a very challenging quest to complete if the player is a relatively low level and playing on high difficulties.


Journal Entry
Harkon has asked me to speak to Garan Marethi, telling him simply "It is time."
  • Objective: Speak with Garan Marethi
  • Objective: Follow Garan
I've been asked to take a special artifact of Harkon's - the Bloodstone Chalice - and to fill it from the spring in Redwater Den. After that, I need to add the blood of a powerful vampire and deliver the chalice to Garan Marethi.
  • Objective: Take the Bloodstone Chalice to Redwater Spring
  • Objective: Fill the Chalice from the spring
While attempting to fill the Bloodstone Chalice in Redwater Den, I was ambushed by Stalf and Salonia, two vampires from the castle. I'll need to kill them before they can kill me.
  • Objective: Defeat Stalf and Salonia
  • Objective: Fill the Chalice with vampire blood
I have filled the Bloodstone Chalice from the spring in Redwater Den, and added the blood of a vampire. I now need to return the chalice to Garan at the castle.
  • Objective: Return to Garan Marethi
I was asked to fill the Bloodstone Chalice from the spring in Redwater Den. Garan sent me on this task suspecting that I would be followed and attacked by others attempting to overthrow Harkon. By returning the Chalice I have lessened their power and earned Harkon's favor.
  • Quest complete

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