The Bloodthorn Plot is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The plot involves investigating ruins around Betnikh. If the Vestige recruited all three needed for Captain Kaleen they will appear at all three locations to help. Gruluk gro-Khazun on the dock says Lambur may know more about the Bloodthorn Cult assault on the Stonetooth Fortress.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Lambur
  2. Investigate Carved Hills"It's mostly wilderness. There are Ayleid ruins, but they were looted long ago."
  3. Investigate Grimfield"It's a graveyard. Not ours- Breton. When we conquered the island hundreds of years ago, Warchief Yzzgol left it intact out of respect for our enemies. We don't desecrate graves, but the Bloodthorn Cult will. Plenty of fresh bodies."
  4. Investigate Moriseli"It's an Ayleid ruin. Years ago, Breton raiders attacked us An outnumbered portal held there for weeks until they were wiped out. Later, our army destroyed the raiders."
  5. Into the Hills
  6. Unearthing the Past
  7. Tormented Souls
  8. Talk to Lambur
  9. Complete the quest


Lambur tells the Vestige the cultists retreated after the initial assault to the Stonetooth Fortress. She thinks they have set a trap for them and this must be investigated before the chief decides to attack. Start by talking to Shamna Laganakh by the longhouse, she witnessed the rituals in the Carved Hills. Cultists were also seen at Moriseli to the north and Grimfield to the west. Ask her more to get some details of each location then head over to Laganakh to continue.

After each individual quests are done, Nicolene turns up and tells them to quickly return to the fortress at once and let Lambur know what they have learned. Tell her the cultists are seeking a powerful relic beneath Carzog's Demise and she will say Chief Tazgol already has taken the army there to deal with them. They're walking into a trap. The reward for completing the quest is a sum of GoldIcon.


  • 98 GoldIcon