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  • Location: [?]
  • Author: No-Name


Today, this one wagered that a random traveler I met in the street could walk into a room full of drunken Nords, grab a book, and walk back out.

This one knows that if No-Name asks enough gamblers, he'll eventually find someone who will take that bet. This one knows that on any given afternoon, some heroic traveler will offer to walk into that bar, especially if No-Name pleads convincingly enough.

No-Name feels bad for tricking a courageous, genereous [sic] [Do not change this to generous. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] traveler, so if you managed to survive, this one would prefer to offer a cut of the profits, a copy of this handsome journal, and a heartfelt apology to the traveler who reads this.

If you didn't make it out of the room, consider this handsome quarto faux-leather journal a suitable consolation prize. You cost me a lot of money, so I consider this compensation generous.

And if you ever tell the story of what happened, please leave this one out of it!

Simply say that the mysterious Khajiit who tricked you had no name.


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