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Ahjazda thinks the world is coming to an end soon and she asks the Hero to help her collect supplies. She gives the task of collecting three items: the Amulet of Disintegration, the Ring of Desiccation and the Calming Pants.



The Ring of Desiccation can be found in the Museum of Oddities, it's in a glass display case and is not considered owned by the Museum, so it can just be taken.

The Calming Pants can be obtained by talking to Fimmion. He can be found wandering the streets of Bliss. He'll want a sweetroll in return, which can be found in Rendil Drarara's home in Bliss. (Easy lock, found on cupboard shelf in kitchen, downstairs.) Bug: Do not give Fimmion multiple sweetrolls as they will cause multiple pairs of pants to fill your inventory.


The Amulet of Disintegration is in Milchar. The map marker will point to the back entrance of Milchar, which is located some distance east from the main entrance and directly south of a Heretic camp. Inside, fight the enemies all the way to the room where the amulet is located. Inside the room, the amulet is inside an urn that is frozen shut. To be able to open it, light all three "fire basins" using the torch which is located on the back balcony.

This torch cannot be taken up and equipped, instead using the GRAB button, lift it and run around the room lighting the 'fire basins'. (Default GRAB settings can be found by pausing the game and selecting the Controls/Controls options in the menu.) This must be done quickly because, after a short while, they start to go out and all three have to be burning before the urn can be opened. With the amulet in hand, return to Ahjazda.

There is no order in which to give the items to Ahjazda, nor do all three items have to be given to her at one time. After she is given each item, there is an opportunity to ask her why, for Sheogorath's sake, she'd want to have the item.

Journal entriesEdit

Journal Entry
  • Update: After talking to Ahjazda:

Ahjazda believes the world is ending soon, so she's gathering supplies. She would like me to find three items she's still missing: the Amulet of Disintegration, the Ring of Desiccation, and the Calming Pants.

  • Update: After obtaining the Ring of Desiccation:

I've found the Ring of Desiccation.

  • Update: After giving the Ring to Ahjazda:

I've brought Ahjazda the Ring of Desiccation.

  • Update: After obtaining the Calming Pants:

I've found the Calming Pants.

  • Update: After giving the Pants to Ahjazda:

I've brought Ahjazda the Calming Pants.

  • Update: After obtaining the Amulet of Disintegration:

I've found the Amulet of Disintegration.

  • Update: After giving the Amulet to Ahjazda:

I've brought Ahjazda the Amulet of Disintegration.

  • Update: After obtaining the last item:

I've found the last of the items that Ahjazda requires. I should return them to her.

  • Update: After giving Ahjazda the last item:

Ahjazda has rewarded me for bringing her all the items she requested.

  • Quest complete

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