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The Coral Heart is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Captain Noris came to Vivec's Antlers to defend against an incursion by Alexandra Conele of the Covenant. Alexandra wants to retrieve an artifact known as the Coral Heart from Vivec's Antlers. The Pact is barely holding its ground.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Part 1Edit

  1. Talk to Captain Noris
  2. Search Mud Mounds for Survivors (4)
    1. Optional: Captain Noris said that an Argonian named Sings-with-Reed may know more about the Brother of Strife, the Coral Heart, and Alexandra Conele's plans ot acquire it. She may also be able to tell me more about what's happening in Vivec's Antlers.
  3. Rescue Lieutenant Galyn
  4. Find Sings-with-Reed

Part 2Edit

  1. Place Egg in North Coral Cluster
  2. Place Egg in Southwest Coral Cluster
  3. Place Egg in South Coral Cluster
  4. Wait for Sings-With-Reed
  5. Collect Coral Heart
  6. Give Coral Heart to Holgunn


Lt. Galyn is being held in the hold of the ship. Board and take the stairway down and then head east.



  • Cleansing the Past can be obtained by the Priestess in the other side of the hold from the Lt.

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