The Corpse Horde is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. The Vestige encountered an injured Lion Guard named Sir Malik Nasir in Merovec's Folly. He wants them to stop the Bloodthorn cultists from desecrating the dead Lion Guard soldiers.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Sanctify the Dead Soldiers in Merovec's Folly
  2. Talk to Sir Malik Nasir
  3. Complete the quest


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Sir Malik explains they were working with the wizard Benele when the zombies attacked. They lost track of her and now the cultists are desecrating our dead. It's considered an affront to Tu'whacca. Offer to help and he'll explain that the cultists raise the dead soldiers to zombies.

Using this sacred emblem, one can sanctify the corpses and that will prevent them to be raised as undead. He hands it over to the Vestige, then head over to the ruins at Merovec's Folly.

Malik's Sacred Emblem

Search the ruins for five dead soldiers and use the emblem to sanctify the corpses. When all are done return to Sir Malik. He will be at the Lion Guard Redoubt now.

Head back to the Redoubt and find Sir Malik to let him know the task is done. He is revealed the Vestige has completed his business.


  • 38 GoldIcon