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The Cure is a radiant quest available in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall.


The Questgiver's cousin is dying, and he sends the Hero of Daggerfall to heal her.


  • Speak with Questgiver
  • Go to the specified location
  • Find the specified residence
  • Speak to the victim
  • Travel to the specified location
  • Locate and speak with the specified Healer
  • Return to the victim and claim the reward


[Questgiver] has paid me to heal his cousin [NPC's name] of [NPC's town]. She will most likely die in [Time Limit] days. I will receive another [amount of GoldIcon] when I have saved her.

I have seen [NPC's name]. Her condition is worse than [Questgiver] said. [NPC's name] says that [Healer] in [Town name] might have a cure.

I have brought a talisman from [Healer] of [Healer's town] that cures Wizard Fever, the disease that is afflicting [NPC's name].

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