"Don't let this innocent looking flute fool you, for this is the Dancer's Pipe. Legend holds that the Dancer's Pipe has won wars, toppled empires, and changed the very course of history. None know its origins, but the stories say that men who hear its music are compelled to dance uncontrollably, no matter the peril. To activate this strange power, one must only speak the magic words, which are – uh, oh my, I very nearly got us both into a nasty predicament, didn't I?"
―Calixto Corrium[src]

The Dancer's Flute is a unique variant of the flute found only in Calixto's House of Curiosities, in Windhelm. During an administered tour of the museum, Calixto Corrium explains that the flute can make people dance uncontrollably, but requires a special phrase for activation; he almost tells the Dragonborn, but is quick to stop himself for fear of unleashing the flute's power.


  • The flute may be a reference to the Pied Piper.
  • Like the rest of Calixto's items, it is likely a fake flute to aid in disguising his true motives.

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