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The Dark Brotherhood Forever

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The Dark Brotherhood Forever
NightMother Skyrim
Quest Giver Night Mother
Location Dawnstar Sanctuary
Reward 600 GoldIcon
750 GoldIcon
800 GoldIcon
1,000 GoldIcon
1,200 GoldIcon
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Type Contracts
Radiant Quests
Quest ID DBrecurring
The Dark Brotherhood Forever is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is a radiant that repeats itself indefinitely.
"Accept his gold, then kill the target. So begins a contract, bound in blood."
―The Night Mother[src]


"I am now the Listener and leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. It is my duty to hear the words of our unholy matron, the Night Mother, and do as she commands..."
―The Dragonborn

This quest automatically starts upon the completion of "Hail Sithis!".


The quest repeats itself with the three objectives: Approach the Night Mother's coffin, speak with the contact, then kill the target. Unlike virtually all other contracts, in these, the contact pays in advance for the Dragonborn's help.

After eliminating the target, a new one can be initiated by returning to the Sanctuary and approaching the Night Mother. The Night Mother may contact the Listener telepathically with new contracts, although this is usually not the case.

Targets are randomly generated the moment the quest begins. Re-loading saves before speaking to the contractor can be exploited to gain a specific target. This may be useful for unlocking the "Master Criminal" achievement or trophy without killing Essential characters.


Not in order



Journal Entry

I am now the Listener and leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim. It is my duty to hear the words of our Unholy Matron, the Night Mother, and do as she commands...

  • Objective: Approach the Night Mother
  • Objective: Speak with the contact
  • Objective: Kill the target
  • Quest complete


  • There is a way to remove or prevent activating this quest, for those who do not want an unfinishable quest in their quest log. This can be done by backing out of conversation with Nazir when he tells the Dragonborn to talk to Delvin to restore the Sanctuary. Before he finishes talking, the Dragonborn should run to the exit, hugging the right wall, staying as far away from the Night Mother as possible. If done correctly, the quest "Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head..." should start, but not "The Dark Brotherhood Forever". Simply buying all upgrades from Delvin will finish that quest, which completes the Dark Brotherhood Questline. Unfortunately, to ensure this quest is never activated, the Dawnstar Sanctuary can no longer be visited, as this quest will almost certainly pop up.
  • This quest will repeat some of the same contracts/targets, as there are only a limited number of contracts/targets available.


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