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The Darts of Judgement is a Thieves Guild quest given by Aengoth the Jeweler. It is the last Guild quest given by Aengoth in Ald'ruhn.


Aengoth the Jeweler wants the Nerevarine to steal some Darts of Judgement from Eindel in Llethri Manor.


The Llethri Manor is just to the left of the Council Chambers in the Manor District. Eindel keeps the Darts lying on her bed in the Guard Quarters. There are four darts on her bed.

When returning to Aengoth with the darts, he gives the choice of keeping them or selling them to the Guild.

Darts Gold Rep Disp
0 0GoldIcon 0 0
1 500GoldIcon 2 5
2 1000GoldIcon 3 7
3 1500GoldIcon 4 10
4 2500GoldIcon 5 15


The Darts of Judgement
Aengoth the Jeweler told me that Eindel, a Bosmer archer in the Llethri Manor, has four Darts of Judgement. I can use them myself, or get a good price for them from the Guild.
  • Quest accepted
Aengoth the Jeweler bought the Darts of Judgement from me.
  • Quest complete
I've decided to keep the Darts of Judgement for my own use. Aengoth has been pleased with my work for him.
  • Quest complete