Lisette bard

Lisette, a singer of The Dragonborn Comes

Not to be confused with Skyrim's theme song.
"This one's a favorite of mine. A legend we all know and love..."
Bards of Skyrim[src]

The Dragonborn Comes is the name of a popular song in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Most bards throughout Skyrim will sing the song upon request. The song's composer in Tamriel is anonymous. It can only be requested after progressing a certain amount in the main questline.


Our hero, our hero
Claims a warrior's heart
I tell you, I tell you
The Dragonborn comes

With a Voice wielding power
Of the ancient Nord art
Believe, believe,
The Dragonborn comes

It's an end to the evil
Of all Skyrim's foes
Beware, beware
The Dragonborn comes

For the darkness has passed
And the legend yet grows
You'll know, you'll know
The Dragonborn's come


  • Occasionally, when asking a bard to play the song, they may respond with uncertainty, likely because the song is very uncommon for a request.


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