The Drunken Bounty Hunter is a quest in Suran. The bounty hunter Daric Bielle is looking for a runaway slave, but has been unsuccessful. The Nerevarine might offer their help.


Inside Desele's House of Earthly Delights the Nerevarine can encounter a drunk bounty hunter named Daric Bielle. If asked about the slave he is complaining about, he reveals that he is looking for a runaway slave called "Haj-Ei". He has been unable to catch him for months, and has even recruited a guide, Hides His Eyes, to help him. The Nerevarine can offer to try and find the slave. Daric promises them a share of the bounty, if they should succeed.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Daric Bielle about "stupid slaves" and offer to help.
  2. Raise the disposition of random villagers and ask about "Haj-Ei" to be pointed to Dranas Sarathram.
  3. Raise Dranas Sarathram's disposition and ask him about Hides His Eyes

Detaild walkthroughEdit

The Nerevarine will need to make some investigations in the local population. After accepting the quest, he should talk to people with a high enough disposition. They will point him to the local slaver Dranas Sarathram, who resides at the Suran Slave Market. Speaking to Hides His Eyes doesn't reveal new information.

If asked about the runaway slave Haj-Ei, Dranas Sarathram will provide no useful information. With a high enough disposition however, he will tell the Nerevarine that "Hides His Eyes" is just a translation from the original Argonian name. He suspects it to be "Hajeckius", "Hajesheeus" or "Haj-Ei".

With this information, the Nerevarine has multiple possibilities on how to proceed. He could return to Daric Bielle and tell him that his guide Hides His Eyes is Haj-Ei, the very slave he was looking for. If the Nerevarine tells Hides His Eyes that they revealed his true identity to Daric, Hides His Eyes will attack.


  • 150 GoldIcon


Jounral Entry
While in the House of Earthly Delights in Suran, I met a Breton named Daric Bielle. He is a drunken sot, obviously hasn't showered in weeks, and reeks of failure.
Bielle is a boutny hunter, or former bounty hunter. For months now, he has been tracking a runaway slave, Haj-Ei. But the slave has proven more elusive than he thought, he has been unable to catch him, and has been unsuccessful at killing him and collecting the bounty that way. Daric and his guide, Hides His Eyes, have been in Suran for weeks, hoping to hear word of the elusive runaway.
I have agreed to try and find Haj-Ei, although I don't know if I will be any more successful than the bounty hunter. Bielle has said he will reward me well, giving me a share of the bounty. He had heard that Haj-Ei had been hiding out somewhere around town, but isn't sure exactly where. Of course, anything this man says is somewhat suspect.
  • Quest accepted
I've decided not to take up this bounty hunter's quest to find the escaped slave. I have no desire to become involved in this dispute.
  • Quest failed
Dranas Sarathram doesn't know of any escaped slaves in the area. He says it's often difficult to track down the Argonian slaves, as few non-Argonians can speak their language, and Argonians themselves aren't likely to help.
When I asked him more about the Argonian language, Dranas told me that Hides His Eyes actually translated to Haj-Ei. This seems to be more than an actual coincidence.
I've confronted Hides His Eyes, or Haj-Ei, about being the escaped slave Daric Bielle has been looking for. He made no attempt to deny the fact, and seemed proud to have actually gotten Bielle to pay him as a guide for the last few weeks. He has asked me not to tell Bielle about his true identity.
I've agreed not to tell anyone about Hides His Eyes being the escaped slave. It doesn't seem right to force this man back into bondage.
  • Quest completed
I've told Haj-Ei that I'm honor-bound to tell Bielle his secret. He says he would rather die than be forced back into slavery.
I have told Daric Bielle about Hides His Eyes being the very slave he has been looking for. In his drunken stupor, I don't know that he even understood my explanation, but he thanked me for my help and gave me the reward money I was promised.
  • Quest completed