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"Andy has been brewing his own beer and spirits since he was six years old. The opening of that inn was the happiest day of his life."
Draconis Gift List

The Drunken Dragon Inn is a inn run by Andreas Draconis in Blackwood, east of the Yellow Road, about halfway between the Silverfish River and Leyawiin. It costs 20 GoldIcon to stay the night.

Andreas can be bartered with: he has a 50 GoldIcon limit, sells food and alcohol, and will buy potions and ingredients. An Imperial Legion Soldier can often been seen wandering around inside the inn.


Next of KinEdit

Next to the Great Oak in Chorrol, Lucien Lachance's next assignment demands the lives of an entire family.


Trivia Edit

  • Due to the Imperial Legion guard who often stays at the inn, killing Andreas during the 'Next of Kin' quest won't be so easy, as he always watches you.



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