The Dwemer's Bone is a quest given by Balen Andrano.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Find Balen Andrano in the Vivec, Redoran Canton in Vivec City and speak to him.
  • Plant a dwemer bone in the chest near Jeanne's bed.
  • Get reward from Balen: a Sleep Amulet.
  • (Optional): Deal with the new problem of Jeanne. There is now a Dwarven Spectre in her bedroom, scaring away her customers. There are three ways to get rid if it. The easiest option is to buy the dwemer bone from Jeanne (it appears in her inventory), since this will kill the spectre behind the door. Another option is to kill the spectre, then either take or leave the bone in the bedroom chest. Or, while the spectre is still active, take the bone from the chest (which will kill the spectre). Completing any of these will result in Jeanne rewarding a Steel Shardmauler to the Nerevarine.