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The Elder Scrolls Travels are a series of portable games in The Elder Scrolls series of video games published by Bethesda Softworks for Java-enabled cell phones, Nokia's N-Gage, and Sony's PlayStation Portable. The titles are Dawnstar (2004), Stormhold (2003), Shadowkey (2004), and Oblivion Mobile (2007).


The following Mobile devices support Dawnstar, Stormhold and Oblivion Mobile.[1]

United StatesEdit

  • Motorola T720 (AT&T, Verizon)
  • Nokia 3650 (AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile)
  • LG 5350 (Sprint)
  • Samsung A600 (Sprint)
  • Sanyo 4900 (Sprint)
  • Sanyo 5300 (Sprint)
  • Sanyo 8100 (Sprint)
  • Audiovox 9500 (Verizon)
  • LG VX4400 (Verizon)

Europe & AsiaEdit

Handset Carrier
Nokia 3650 Amena (Spain)
Nokia 7650 Amena (Spain)
Sharp GX10 Amena (Spain)
Nokia 3650 O2 (Germany)
Nokia 7650 O2 (Germany)
Sharp GX10 O2 (Germany)
Nokia 3650 Singtel (Singapore)
Nokia 7650 Singtel (Singapore)
Sharp GX10 Singtel (Singapore)
Nokia 3650 Telefonica (Spain)
Nokia 7650 Telefonica (Spain)
Sharp GX10 Telefonica (Spain)
Nokia 3650 Vodafone (UK, Ireland,
Spain, Portugal & Germany)
Nokia 7650 Vodafone (UK, Ireland,
Spain, Portugal & Germany)
Sharp GX10 Vodafone (UK, Ireland,
Spain, Portugal & Germany)
Nokia 3650 Westel (Hungary)
Nokia 7650 Westel (Hungary)
Sharp GX10 Westel (Hungary)

External linksEdit


  1. The Elder Scrolls Travels (Archived) List of Handsets and Carriers

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