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  • The Rim of the Sky

    Following the release of the game's sixth update just a few days ago, The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited has now been released. Keep in mind that this is not a new standalone game or DLC, it is just a re-branded version of The Elder Scrolls Online in celebration of the game's removal of the mandatory subscription model.

    Speaking of the subscription model, as opposed to in the last 11 months for the game's release where you've had to pay $…

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  • The Rim of the Sky

    While Bethesda no longer has any plans on upcoming DLCs for their now 3-year-old game , they have finally relinquished the 100 MB file restrictions on the Steam Community Workshop. This means modmakers can now upload larger mod files to the workshop instead of being limited to other mod sharing sites. In addition, mod downloads will be handled by the Steam Client instead of the game's launcher, though the launcher will still maintain it's task f…

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  • SleepingIII

    In the latest released The Road Ahead, game director Matt Firor mainly talks about the future of the Loyalty Program, the philosophy of the Crown Store, ESO Plus, and console release and transfers.

    • There will be two more loyalty rewards—the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter and a special Striped Senche (giant cat) mount, before the release of Tamriel Unlimited. Then the Loyalty Program will retire.
    • The items players could buy in the Crown Store will serv…
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  • The Rim of the Sky

    Bethesda has announced that they will be hosting their first ever E3 Conference on their blog. It will take place on June 14, 2015 and will be located at Hollywood, California. Most factors point towards the announcement of a new Fallout game, but there is always the chance of some new details on future Elder Scrolls games. The rest can be read here.

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  • Timeoin

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki

    January 17, 2015 by Timeoin

    This is a blog post that I am not keen on writing - but it's one that I think, in light of recent events - is one that must be written.

    (Also, apologies - this may get a bit rambly in nature. I have had very little sleep, due to this problem).

    In the last day, we've had a few editors (and Administrators) leave the site. We most certainly will miss EbonySkyrim, GhostAnubis, and TombRaiser.

    I've spoken to them, and been unable to convince them to join …

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Greetings Elder Scrolls Community,

    Wikia is excited to announce our E3 2014 coverage. All week long, Wikia and several Wikia Stars will be representing you the fans at the most exciting video game show in the world. We want to include you every step of the way, starting with bringing your fan questions to the show along with us. What are you excited to see most at E3? If we get a chance to speak to the developers and publishers of your favorite g…

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  • EbonySkyrim

    Now that Elder Scrolls Online has been online for some time and we have many new editors flocking to this wiki I would like to take the opportunity to emphasize the guidelines we have for especially images taken from the game, but also remind everyone of the Policies and guidelines and our Style and formatting guide for making more professional articles.

    Link to the full image policy.
    At our wiki we do have some image standards, especially for ch…

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  • Matt Hadick

    Hey everyone! Wikia visited the Bethesda offices and asked members of The Elder Scrolls Online team YOUR questions about the new MMO. Check out the videos below and be sure to visit the Wikia Instant Expert page for more on the Tamriel-spanning adventure. Huge thanks to the folks who contributed questions!

    How does The Elder Scrolls Online fit into Tamriels’ greater mythology? We sat down with Creative Director Paul Sage, who addressed a number o…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there ! Welcome to my first interview as a News Team member ! I'm really honored and really glad that people believed in me. So, i shal continue to do my interviews ! Speaking of interviews, sorry for the delay. I know i know, i was supposed to do the interview yesterday but, i was pretty busy IRL so, i hope you'll like this interview ! Enjoy !

    So today, our guest shall be one of the TES Wikia Patroller. He's a great editor and, a really nice…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Here's the interview of our newest administrator ! The great Atvelonis ! The picture doesn'T have any reasons to be here but, i just liked it ! So, enjoy !

    The Elder Scrolls Wiki What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for adminship?

    • I was pretty surprised. I knew that the wiki needed a new sysop, but I had expected that someone who has been here longer would've been nominated for the position. But I think that being adm…
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  • Emperor Jarjarkine

    Hey there ! I got the chance to interview the TES Patroller and next administrator of this Wikia, Cheatcodechamp. In theses dark times, i tought an interview would mabye, be something people would appreciate. So, here we go !

    The Elder Scrolls Wikia: What was your first reaction when you discovered you were nominated for Adminship?

    • I was a little surprised. After losing most of the Admin within 24 hours, most of the community that I spoke with agre…

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  • Emperor Jarjarkine


    Emperor Jarjarkine

    Wiki Questions

    • Interviewer: Shall we proceed ?
    • chose to holler the Scholar.
    • Interviewer: Hé hé
    • Scholy: Well this is my 2nd most anticipated interview, next to my (hopefully) upcoming job interview :D
    • Interviewer: So first of all,

    How did you joined the wikia ?

    • Scholy:Zippertrain85 persuaded me to come here.

    This was back when we were Stormcloak to the bone. I came intending to debate at first.

    • Interviewer: hum …

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