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(This page is a community project page, meaning that anyone can edit and add to this list) Everyone is welcome to help with working on this list as little or as much as they would like.


  2. LOCATIONS (use pre-loaded template)
  3. CHARACTERS (the template and format is already done in the "Preload" template when you create a page - just click)
  5. ITEM PAGES: Each item, and its uses. I.e. Provisioning ingredients - post recipes in which it can be used.

The following are tasks that need completing with the Online Project Tasklist. To add:

  • Articles on every NPC in the game and a list of them for each region
    • Additional lists for merchants
  • Articles on every location in each region as well as each of the sublocations (i.e. the houses and shops in each city) and a list of them for each region
  • Lists of all the recipes, praxis, etc
  • Lists of creatures in each region
  • Article containing list of loot (items dropped from creatures and characters)
  • List of all Quests
    • List of all Quest givers
  • Lists for every item category
    • List of all unique weapons, armor and jewelry (a table with Set/Style/Enchantment/Trait/Type)
    • List of all craftable weapons, armor and jewelry (a table with Set/Style/Enchantment/Trait/Type)
    • List of all Quest rewards
    • List of all Quest items
    • List of all Junk items
  • Screenshots of each of the Skyshards available both on the map and in-game. (or at least in "Notable items")
  • List all books, and their contents (Books (Online))
    • If book is a quest item, a quest during which the book was obtained should be mentioned in the book's article
  • List of all consumables
    • List of various potions and poisons
    • List of food and drinks, and their effects.
  • List of fish
  • Lists of achievements by type
  • Remove refs that were added to identify legitimacy (exceptions: the versions page, which is going to need to be updated every 4-6 weeks)
    • Suggestion: Keep references on changes made to content, and reference that page. (i.e. of Kwama can perform new attacks with update 2, mention that in the trivia and reference the versions page.)
  • Cat (Online) - list of Cats that appear in game, and in what city. Rather than separate page, they should have a header on this page and the image for the cat should appear next to the text.
    • Pages should be created for these cats, and should redirect to the individual cats. E.g. Nim should redirect to Cat#Nim. (this should avoid potential issues with cats named after deities, such as Azura).
  • Dog (Online) - list of dogs that appear in game. Like Cat, should appear as header sections, with an image next to them. (e.g. "Sir Loin" is a dog in Skywatch. He can be seen following the Skywatch Guard, on patrol.) Individual pages (Consensus Track Vote)
    • Giblets - (arguable) should have own page, as they are quest giver, and important part of quest. Same with Texas.
    • Other examples should have pages that redirect to the header section of that page (e.g. Dog (Online)#Sir Loin)


  • Levelling up information - exp required for each skill type (e.g. character, weapon, class, crafting, guild, etc) (Levelling (Online))
  • Navigation templates (quests, different faction quests, regions, main, etc)
  • For pages that have needed a disambig (example: a lot of the abilities for weapons were names of perks in Skyrim), ensure that links go to the proper places.

Quest branchingEdit

If there are multiple options in a quest, the options should be reflected in the "Walkthrough" and the outcome should be mentioned in the "Trivia" or in the "Walkthrough". Different "routes" of completing a quest should also be marked as such in "Quick Walkthrough."


The following articles should be deleted (saving the nodes screenshots):

Template tasksEdit

  • NewMMO category
  • Split location template into location and region (Online Region)
  • Possibly Online City? (Cities have sublocations such as houses and shops)
  • Create auto-load templates for new pages (also, add Online Books to that list)

Category treeEdit

Click to see the Category Tree
Online: Books
  • Online: Lorebooks
  • Online: Skill Books
  • Online: Books from Previous Games (proposed)

Online: Characters

  • Online: Characters by Region
  • Online: Quest Rewards
  • Online: Items
    • Online: Interactive Items
    • Online: Armor
      • Online: Medium Armor
      • Online: Light Armor
      • Online: Heavy Armor
    • Armor by body type
      • Shoulder
      • Head
      • Torso
      • Hand
      • Legs
      • Belt

Pages to watchEdit

Completed tasksEdit

Completed tasks
  • Add maps to all major cities in-game and upload maps for where in region they exist.
  • Remove "Beta" template.
  • Create guild.
  • Get 50 members in guild, and create guild store.
  • Remove "NewMMO" tag.
  • (Admin) update the wiki's description to include Elder Scrolls Online.
  • List all crafting materials.
  • List of locations by region, instead of province.
  • Get a completed list of the available Quests in each region. .
  • List all weapon and armor types.
  • Update each region's information with information regarding the quests, characters, and locations
  • Bait