This page is a centralized collection of comments from users who disagree with certain speedy deletions.

A polite note: When CSDing images on the basis of having a better version, please provide a link to the better version in the reason.


List of candidates for speedy deletionEdit

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PageLast EditLast Contributor
A Way Out17:38, December 10, 2018Rupuzioks
File:Balreth Attacks.png13:45, December 10, 2018The Dagonator
File:Kinladyilunsare.jpg06:54, December 10, 2018Ottoman Hold
File:Adanumuran-map2.png18:55, December 9, 2018Rozty
File:Abinabi-Map.png18:20, December 9, 2018Rozty
Journal of a voyager18:18, December 9, 2018Blademaster Jauffre
File:Hoknir.jpg18:15, December 9, 2018Rozty
File:TES3 Morrowind - Bitter Coast - Abernanit (cave) - location map.jpg18:08, December 9, 2018Rozty
File:Abebaal-Map.png18:02, December 9, 2018Rozty
File:AbandonedShipwreckLocal.png17:57, December 9, 2018Rozty
Crab Armor00:36, December 9, 2018Rozty
File:Taking Care of Lex The Stranger.png21:59, December 8, 2018Rozty
File:Abaesen-Pulu Egg Mine-Map.png20:33, December 8, 2018DaBarkspawn