The Elder Scrolls Wiki Staff are users granted the abilities needed, and given the responsibility to keep the wiki running smoothly. The term "staff" is generally used to refer to the collective of the following groups:


For more information, see TES:Administrators.

Administrators (sysops) and bureaucrats are editors with extended rights that help them contribute to and modify the site. All administrators are promoted by a bureaucrat or a member of Wikia Staff, and are normally promoted for life, although they have the right to decline their position, or step down at any time. Administrators are also expected to help other users when necessary and guide or correct them when necessary.


For more information, see TES:Patrollers.

Patrollers are trusted editors granted the rollback tool to keep the wiki free of any vandalism and the custodian tool. With a single click, they can revert edits. Patrollers must apply for the position or be nominated into their positions by an active patroller or an admin. Only bureaucrats are able to grant their rollback rights.

Forum Moderators

For more information, see TES:Moderators.

Forum Moderators are wiki users who keep watch over the forums by making sure topics are posted in the correct forum, removing inappropriate threads, editing out image violations, helping users by answering questions, and various other tasks. Users must apply for the position or be nominated into their position by an active forum moderator, forum frequent patroller or an admin. Forum moderators are given rollback user-rights, which will allow them to edit other users comments.

Semi-active moderators

Inactive moderators

Chat Moderators

For more information, see TES:Chat Moderators.

Chat Moderators are wiki users who keep watch over the chat room ensuring that users are following the chat guidelines. They have the power to kick and ban users from chat. Users must apply for the position or be nominated into their position by an active chat moderator or chat frequent staff member.

News Team

For more information, see TES:News Team.

Members of the News Team are users who have stood out from the crowd in terms of writing news blogs, to inform the community of updates to the series' progression. Their blog posts show up on the main page when tagged with the correct category. Some patrollers are also members of the News Team.

IRC moderators

For more information, see TES:IRC.

IRC mods are trusted members of the wiki's IRC channel. They have the power to kick, ban, and mute other channel members.


For more information, see Help:Bots.

Bots carry out tasks when instructed by their operators to do so. These tasks are generally very repetitive, and would normally not be done, due to their tedious nature. Only sysops and bureaucrats are permitted to use bot accounts to edit on the wiki, although anyone can use AutoWikiBrowser to simply locate pages fitting certain parameters.

Username highlights

Most users on this page have links to their usernames highlighted, in order for these names of importance to 'stand out from the crowd' more efficiently.


User:The Cat MasterUser:CarloV3rUser:Emperor JarjarkineUser:AtvelonisUser:CheatcodechampUser:Ghost AnubisUser:EbonySkyrimUser:Kroq-gar78User:KennyannydennyUser:GramsJUser:JimeeeUser:TombRaiserUser:FlightmareUser:HaLo2FrEeEkUser:Deyvid PetteysUser:ZluhcsUser:ElchzardUser:'R BlaiddDdraigUser:AnnonnimusUser:AustinAsDeidaraUser:Mbjones90User:Kacj321User:LordsunflashUser:TimeoinUser:InfernalWarriorUser:JonusAngelusUser:Xell KhaarUser:MichaeldsuarezUser:Game LordUser:KickAssJediUser:Kcaz64

User:The Crusader of TruthUser:CarloV3rUser:Kora StormbladeUser:BronkiinUser:ShockstormUser:The Cat MasterUser:Emperor JarjarkineUser:GaminomiconUser:Starkiller131User:SuperSajuukUser:The Rim of the SkyUser:AtvelonisUser:Ghost AnubisUser:Fire Wolf PupUser:FlugsmithUser:Sky Above,Voice WithinUser:MHInfUser:AutoBloodUser:Kroq-gar78User:EbonySkyrimUser:Jaymz6User:Balagog gro-NolobUser:Dar'RajhinUser:CheatcodechampUser:AnonnnomooseUser:Mask2697User:GermanoszUser:Rosenrot87User:GramsJUser:TombRaiserUser:HaLo2FrEeEkUser:FlightmareUser:JimeeeUser:KennyannydennyUser:Neguy71inokUser:LoonixUser:DLanyonUser:G0LD3NF1REUser:Deyvid PetteysUser:'R BlaiddDdraigUser:Gheart

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User:The Beautiful Princess AshleyUser:Blitzbear93User:Qahnaarin1997User:Khaleesi ZhavorsaUser:Kora StormbladeUser:High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-FineliaUser:RenzXVIUser:G0LD3NF1REUser:Miraak ObamaUser:DivineTedriusUser:Likes-That-TailUser:Lab Coat BillyUser:Zippertrain85User:ShawnCognitionCPUser:ScholarOfTheScrollsUser:Manic MonitorUser:Starkiller131User:Ghost AnubisUser:SuperSajuukUser:M.Owen LFC!User:Ketick1998User:Enda KennyUser:PLPellegriniUser:CynicalEarthUser:DubiousPeddlerUser:Jett CyberUser:Master of ContributionsUser:Pink SlimUser:PsijicThiefUser:PicklesellerUser:Knight of CamlornUser:ゆUser:ElchzardUser:KidtragicUser:ZluhcsUser:Blood Reaper

User:The Crusader of TruthUser:Amulet of KingsUser:The Beautiful Princess AshleyUser:SheograthCH33SEUser:DarkRoseFantasiaUser:AramithiusUser:Adventurer-like-youUser:RhodiumOdiUser:CarloV3rUser:The imperial battlemageUser:Blitzbear93User:Qahnaarin1997User:Ottoman HoldUser:BronkiinUser:ShockstormUser:Khaleesi ZhavorsaUser:Kora StormbladeUser:High Goddess Venus-Afrodite-FineliaUser:RenzXVIUser:The Cat MasterUser:Emperor JarjarkineUser:GaminomiconUser:AzuraKnightUser:The Rim of the SkyUser:AtvelonisUser:Harold Burned-ManeUser:Miraak ObamaUser:DivineTedriusUser:Likes-That-TailUser:Lab Coat BillyUser:ShawnCognitionCPUser:DovahsebromUser:ScholarOfTheScrollsUser:Manic MonitorUser:FlugsmithUser:Starkiller131User:Zippertrain85User:Pelinal WhitestrakeUser:Ghost AnubisUser:IkabiteUser:Fire Wolf PupUser:SuperSajuukUser:M.Owen LFC!User:Ketick1998User:Enda KennyUser:PLPellegriniUser:Sky Above,Voice WithinUser:MHInfUser:CynicalEarthUser:DubiousPeddlerUser:Jett CyberUser:Master of ContributionsUser:Pink SlimUser:PicklesellerUser:Knight of CamlornUser:ゆUser:AutoBloodUser:BanneramUser:King of SkyrimUser:Alduin1996User:PsijicThiefUser:Kroq-gar78User:EbonySkyrimUser:Jaymz6User:Balagog gro-NolobUser:Dar'RajhinUser:CheatcodechampUser:AnonnnomooseUser:Mask2697User:GermanoszUser:Rosenrot87User:GramsJUser:TombRaiserUser:HaLo2FrEeEkUser:FlightmareUser:JimeeeUser:KennyannydennyUser:Neguy71inokUser:LoonixUser:DLanyonUser:G0LD3NF1REUser:Deyvid PetteysUser:ElchzardUser:KidtragicUser:ZluhcsUser:Blood ReaperUser:'R BlaiddDdraigUser:AnnonnimusUser:AustinAsDeidaraUser:GheartUser:Mbjones90User:Kacj321User:LordsunflashUser:TimeoinUser:InfernalWarriorUser:JonusAngelusUser:Xell KhaarUser:MichaeldsuarezUser:Game LordUser:KickAssJediUser:Kcaz64